Juniper Hill Road Poem by Lee Degnan

Juniper Hill Road

Rating: 5.0

Pedaling at a steady pace,
I arrive at this special place
warm sun pushing at my back
added to the strength of my attack
Pedaling now, a harder and faster pace,
imagining I'm one in a huge race
Doing as I've done many times before
made conquering this paramount all the more
Juniper Hill Road, you are now mine!
You've beaten me for the very last time!
I know all your secrets now oh so well,
Your time has come, as far as I can tell!
Pedaling furiously, I see the summit
Victory felt so close, so I gun it
Over the top my brother sees me rise,
exhiliration consumes me at seeing his surprise!
Being kid sister he teases me so well,
But for all his doubting though-
he can go to hell!

Roger Bowman 02 December 2006

Love it, great story Lee Take care Roger

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Jemarie Ragudo 15 August 2007

What I like in this poem is the image- clear and vibrant. And your discourse gives the element of pursuit, as in a bicycle race. You're truly a poet.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 11 August 2007

Lee...What are silbings for, anyway....then again, i'm an only child, so i have to go off what i've observed over the years...The race you speakagine yourself competing in...Idid the same thing when i ws shooting baskets by myself...I'd count down the imaginary clock at my imaginary Madison Square Garden, as Point-Guard for my N.Y. Knicks....5-4-3-2-1- & i'd release the ball, in a fadaway motion as if two defenders were on me like white on rice....Whew...i think i need to rest for a moment! lol! Great work here, young always, of course! ~ ~ ~

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Dr.subhendu Kar 15 July 2007

very lough-provoking.................

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Chris Mendros 08 June 2007

Excellent. The ending made me laugh out loud. And it rhymes, too!

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Tailor Bell 06 December 2006

vanquishing the obstacles...splendid tale of victory and growth. fine work, Lee, an enjoyable read. reminds me that I need to get my own routine in gear. -Tailor

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