Keep Laughing Poem by Life Poem

Keep Laughing

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Laugh A Little
Laugh For Long,
Giggle, Chuckle, Chortle, Snort.
Laugh when the tears start rolling
Or when you've shared and lost.
Shriek and Chase The Funny Pain.
Titter with people you love,
Go on and make it hilarious.
Holding the folder in your hand,
Let out the laugh, just because.
Crack up at the priceless things,
when they're too short to live on.
Remind everyone with a howl,
what they hope for.

Laugh Until There's Nothing Left,
So No One Can Snatch That Away.

-To my brother, who's in the army and can only visit for now.-

Eyan Desir 19 September 2009

Hahaha well, I cant say this poem is funny I try to laugh a little But sometimes I cant laugh... anyway good write Keep laughing.....

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Life Poem 17 June 2009

Just fine? Laughs, I'm kidding. I hope it's an urge.

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Life Poem 13 June 2009

Smiling At You Wider, Thanks for the brother comment. And you see, unhappily for me, I cry a lot. I'm trying to fix myself so thanks!

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Tai Chi Italy 13 June 2009

It is true that humour can protect us from all sorts thrown at us in life. All the best to your brother. A priceless lesson in poetry here, Smiling at you Tai

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