Magic Woman Poem by Life Poem

Magic Woman

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The throbbing of my veins will never stop,
I walk with pride, while others flop.
My neck arched tall, my skin goes pale,
Aglow with youth while others stale.
My cool expression, my clothing flare,
Firm command, they can't help but stare.
The grace, the pride, no flowing tears,
electric touch and speedy gears.
Short skirt for my legs, tight shirt for my chest,
They cower and coo and see that I'm best.
Add a little bounce in my step,
In my voice I add more pep.
I'm a magic woman,
push off every man.
I'm a magic woman,
Whatever I please, whatever I can.

I'm a damn magic woman, my confidence in me,
as I long as I believe that, the others will agree.

Brian Johnston 08 June 2014

I'm not sure. I think you protest too much perhaps. Maybe a little insecurity still hidden somewhere deep inside? But never mind. Your real magic my dear is that you don't even have to believe in your own magic and it is still there for others to see. Even your beauty escapes the mask that you always wear.

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Malini Kadir 20 March 2012

ah that one was goooooood! I loved reading it!

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Life Poem 17 June 2009

Yes, it's not that strong but I wanted to show that you can do anything, and using a confident woman was the best way

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Life Poem 15 June 2009

I agree with you Mona. That was meant too be, it turned out a litter weaker, but I wanted everything to be detail to the last lines.thanks. Love doctor- Of course it's not, thanks for the worth 10 thing. I agree it could be better and stuff, thanks for reading this!

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Eyan Desir 15 June 2009

Good write It's not the best poem on earth but it's worth 10 keep been confident

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