Kick Boxing Is A Way Of Life Poem by Crimson Love

Kick Boxing Is A Way Of Life

Broken Dreams are made upon failure,
You never give up until your final breath,
You keep fighting, even if it means your death,
Boxing isn't just fighting, Its a way of life,
Lost in eternity with this blunt knife,
You wake to a day of training, You don't stop till the body collapses,
You punch until your knuckles bleed,
You kick until your legs turn purple,
You never rest for the fear of someone trying to take your place,
Forever lost between this space,
Between your body and mind,
You try to sleep,
But this pain is to deep,
You feel it in your bones,
You feel it in your dreams,
Bloody tears falling into these once healthy streams,
Forever Poisoned, and cursed but blessed to live this way,
A life in the arena, Is where I'll stay.

Crimson Love 17 September 2011

Stan, I'm sorry to inform you...but kick boxing is a sport just like the others, what sport doesn't contain some form of violence? Also this isn't pretend I actually kick box fool.... but I'm always Happy to enlighten the closeminded.

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Stan Petrovich 17 September 2011

Violence, even pretend, is not an honorable thing to pursue.

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Stefanie Fontker 16 September 2011

I'm glad it's had a positive impact of your life. You are very right, here, in a way.

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Allemagne Roßmann 16 September 2011

Way too good a poem.....well done and well chosen topic

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