A Kiss Of Death. Poem by Crimson Love

A Kiss Of Death.

Rating: 4.3

Death kisses me, Sucking the oxygen from my lungs,
A kiss so deadly, It can only be felt once,
A kiss of death so seductive, You'll never come back,
You get a taste of what can be, you get a taste of what you lack,
Death lays you upon a bed of crimson love,
You feel the moisture, seeping through your clothes,
You look down as your eyes fill with delight,
You see your wrists dripping, Growing this bed of lustful fright,
You let out a gentle moan, for these pleasure you've never known,
Who knew death would feel so right.

Lines blur. my vision fades,
Darkness; faded into this one, eternal, night.
Let death encase me with its final shroud of shadows.
So enthralled you take a final breath,
The lips of death beckon you, You have no choice..
You humbly accept.

Bella Hernandez 17 November 2011

DAMMM! ! ! so lustful and so filled with love for Him! i too am in love with Him... so seductive to me all the time. knows exactly what to say to be with him all the time great write: P ~Bella

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Stan Petrovich 22 October 2011

I am with you, CL. I can't take much more of this depth of harrowing dullness of reality, whatever that means.

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Lenore Lee 16 October 2011

When death comes you either accept it gently and walk with it hand in hand or go kicking and screaming. This is an amazing poem where you accept death and keep your dignity at the same time as being humble. Love it lots.

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H - K 05 October 2011

Wow, this is an amazing poem, truly and greatly written well.

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Vipins Puthooran 21 September 2011

Yes, when death comes we have to bow down everything here...great write..10++ And here I invite you to read my poem(A perfect ethnic cleanser) ...

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Mysia Hayling 12 April 2018

a very captivating poem personifying death. A great write, well penned together. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it. keep writing

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Muhammad Ali 21 January 2014

nice poem. and i think, kiss means someone is loving you. welcome the love.

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 17 January 2014

There is no excuses for the untimely visitor who takes the life from an individual in unknown moments and unpredicable ways and circumstances. It does its duty as destined to once own life and surviving family members and friends have no alternative suggestions to rescue the soul from flying from the body which is the real death it is said.Here the very natural poem with apt words and vocabularies is very nice to read and entertain and think about the destiny and the final fair well.

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Doris Cornago 12 January 2014

I like this mesmerizing poem. I go up one level after another to the culmination - surrender. Dangerous for you to be as equipped as this at 16. I have contemplated something as dangerous - paranormal romance - but kept me awake for several nights after. Sometimes - oftentimes? - our imagination runs away from us, and our reality is hopelessly entangled with fantasy. Do you agree about the surreal quality of life that poets lead? The highest form of opium - poems!

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Melisa Rodriguez 25 October 2012

love it. it was really good

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