I Tried Poem by Crimson Love

I Tried

I tried to hide, yet you found me their everytime,
I tried to run, yet I was always three steps behind,
Innocence upon touch has been taken away,
Thought of as nothing, I'm slowly fading away,
I sit in this dark corner, mourning such unimportance,
But If Crimson shall not cry, who will?
My heart is stabbed by every memory,
Tears drip upon desecrated wrists,
Opening ever single scar I've seemed to miss,
Why can't I just die?
Perhaps I've tried to many times

Dave Walker 17 November 2011

A very dark and painful yet beautiful poem. No matter how much someone wants to die, Sometimes they are here to do better things so They have to live, because sometimes its only them Who can help others. Great write.

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Craig Mize 17 November 2011

After I read the poem I sat there in shock. It is a very deep poem, a very good poem, and a poem that made me say wow. I didn't know what to expect when you told me to read the poem and afterwards I can say I didn't expect that. You got some real talent keep up the good work.

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Craig Mize 17 November 2011

What a very deep, dark, and powerful piece. When you first asked me to read it I really didn't know what to expect and I can say that I didn't expect that at all. You are a great poet and this is a great poem please keep up the good work cause you have talent.

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A Lifetime Of Fame 17 November 2011

I really like this. It's the very essence of what it means to search, but never find, hurt, but never cry, and to be lost, but never found.

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Shadow Girl 01 December 2011

Painful poem....sweetly sad -SG xo

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Darkangel Flyfree 18 November 2011

Great poem. I know whats it like to feel pain like that cause half the time I feel as if im not worth it. Your still young so have faith and keep your head up.and also keep writting sometimes it helps.

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Bella Hernandez 17 November 2011

tried so many times and yet still living? ? deep and dark maybe its not time for you to go just yet... probably something more you must do Still amazing poem! you can actually see that you put everything of yourself in everysingle line in all of your poems great write, speaks millions of voices to me! ~Bella

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(De Va) 17 November 2011

very talented young woman, you are....I could feel your soul in this write.....just know that you are not alone...hugs, smiles. n blessings...Deva You may want to read Night Terror and Living Dead....if you find a spare moment...

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Anhelica Velasquez 17 November 2011

sounds like me... nice poem. hopfully it isnt accuret to your sitiations my friend. it isnt a verry pleaseant place to be.... anyway - a great write verry true.

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