The Crimson Prince Poem by Crimson Love

The Crimson Prince

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The Crimson Prince, better than that of charming,
seducing women, without even trying,
Why do they love me, when I am so unlovable?
can they see crimson pain, beaded upon my blade?
Do they see the scars, or is love making them fade?

Sweet am I, but thou art sweeter,
My love upon a chariot shall be showered upon thee,
Lovely are the words I speak, perhaps all in vain,
For your the only one whom I seek, through the pain.

The prince of Crimson, the blood of a dynasty,
all becoming hopless with love, as have I,
I can't find it, this prince is all but blind,
Where is my fair maiden, I'm looking, I'm trying to find,
Lost perhaps in the darkest light,
perhaps this light is just becomeing dark,

This Prince of Crimson is that of a woman.... that is I,
searching for my Princess, I let out a sigh,
Crimson pain, seen to only the truest eye,
Where art thou fair maiden, I'm waiting to make you mine.

Romeo Della Valle 16 October 2011

Speechless! Wow! What a heartfelt, romantic and truthful write that really moved me! I can identify with this great masterpiece,100% since I have been looking for my real Juliet for the longer and still to this point, I haven't been lucky to even see her shadow! However, I never lose faith neither are you! You have the advantage that you are so young but me, getting old by the minute! I love this poem very much and I am definitely bookmark it! 10+++ God Bless You! Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! ...

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Diana Rose Tolentino 16 October 2011

it turns me back to the regency period. The dark prince waiting for the princess who can see through his pain. nice poem... (',)

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Lenore Lee 17 October 2011

Fantastic poem, my Prince. To answer your question, everyone can see your pain and scars as well as your joy and romance. It is all of you that seduces the women.

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Hosny Soliman 17 October 2011

Nice poem you always write your words with a very great sense.So it come so expresive.

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Poet Of The River 17 October 2011

very good wright! I love the way your poetry flows. The questions you have, are expressed and the answers to questions unasked, are well placed!

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Unwritten Soul 17 October 2011

We can call it a fairy tale story of Crimson Heart, a crimson prince to meet crimson through the valley to find someone crimson as majesty...When met, the two crimsons turn blue and root to heart...make the feeling so muse in blue....the magical crimson is located in heart, it turn blue when meet another but back to crimson when it far..Hahahahaha What a joking comment..anyway i like the is interesting write :) _Unwritten Soul

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*BleedingHeart* *Arielle* 16 October 2011

wow this is breath taking and amzing i just love it i love ur poems it is breath taking ur an amazung writer and i understand you and its amazing

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