Lahore Poem by Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari


Rating: 5.0

The city
Where I lived the pinnacle of my life
Wandered through the notorious streets
Inhaled smoke of petrol and hashish
Wrote my poems on its walls and gates
Loved the western charm of eastern beauties
Saw misery dancing on weak faces day and night
Witnessed pious bodies at sale on roads each midnight
Laughed at my helplessness when called overqualified
Cried with saints and poets every Thursday night

The city
Where a man committed suicide
Because he couldn’t feed his child
I lived here and survived
The bomb blasts, wars and disasters
But I died the moment
When one of my city fellows said
“You are not one of us as you were migrated here”

Muhammad Raza Master 03 April 2009

Pakistan se achae kar rahe hun ya burae?

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Georgia Girl 03 April 2009

wow, its crazy how disaster can tear people and also citizenship apart great write, heartfelt 10

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 06 April 2009

Peopel cannot be Packaged and Sealed, or carry a Brand; we must just be understood and accepted for who and what we are. There are more than enough obstacles to overcome without building walls within a city. Well written although a tragic story. - Cindy

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Raj Nandy 17 August 2009

Lahore is a historic city! Being an ex-student and a lover of History, I decided to read this piece of poetry! You have revealed its other dimensions, giving it a personal touch in your poetic creation! In fact it reminded me of some of the good Turkish poems I read in translation! 10 + -Raj Nandy

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Saadat Tahir 16 April 2009

dear dr having studied at KEMC i can doubly appreciate the candour and feelings in your post very very nice ..adresses so well the myriad conflits on the street in lahore

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Tamra Craft 10 April 2009

haven't we all or our ancestors migrated to where our people, this generation resides today...disgusting that the world will always be this way, fools that think land can be owned by one man, by one people, by one deed. The epitome of ignorance.

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Pablo Cruise 08 April 2009

A somber feel to this lovely poem. Brought me to where you stand...................

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Mariam Khan 06 April 2009

good poem shame of peoples ignorance home is where the heart is wether we migrate or not. Every were belongs to god for us to share. Take care

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