# # # Julianne: The Grateful Poem by Sonya Florentino

# # # Julianne: The Grateful

Rating: 4.1

She has doe’s eyes
A shy gaze
She looks like the Madonna
A sad face
But wait until she breaks into a smile
Suddenly she is sunshine!
And when she laughs
A picture of bliss
You have to see her, hear her
I insist!

When she sings
She sounds so heavenly
(If I were a man
I’d ask her to marry me!)

She turns poetry into song, blessed is her art
The tone of her guitar bright like diamond stars
And when she sings, her voice - mellifluous
Her soul-searching songs, naked like the truth

She is someone I hope one day to become
To be as grateful as the one He called
“Julianne “

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

Inspired by Julianne (Tarroja) a singer-songwriter from the Philippines, whose amazing debut album titled “Grateful” ought to be heard world-wide… Her song “Grateful” inspired me to write my poem of the same title.


To learn more about her, go to: myspace.com/juliannemusiko

I also made a video to her song “Let It Rain.' Go to youtube.com, and cut-and-paste this on search box: v=SPGfVdl9LnU

Patti Masterman 06 October 2009

I watched the video and she is really amazing. Thanks for the sweet poem about her and for introducing us to her. Your video is astounding! ! . You are so fantastically talented! I am your rabid fan..(smile)

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Shirley Woods 06 October 2009

Hi Sonya, Loved the poem and greatly intrigued - going to myspace now. Best wishes Shirley

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Ravi A 11 October 2009

An excellent poem giving a very serene atomosphere. The verses are evoking with pathos. Imagery matches well and add a good lift. Thanks.

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 02 November 2009

very good! ......................

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Alison Cassidy 13 October 2009

'Her songs are poems, naked like the truth' and your poem rings with the enthusiasm of a devotee to her guru. A beautiful singer has inspired a beautiful tribute. Bless you both. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Sandra Fowler 13 October 2009

An exquisite tribute to Julianne. May the music never end. 10/10. Warm wishes, Sandra

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 13 October 2009

a well composed and crafted piece of work

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Sandra Martyres 12 October 2009

You have captured beautifully the essence of Julianne's talent and personality in this beautiful tribute to the singer.10

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Sonya Florentino

Sonya Florentino

Manila, Philippines (residing NYC)
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