Life Without A Name Poem by GREENWOLFE 1962

Life Without A Name

Rating: 5.0

As rain came down in rhythm,
My teardrops fell in rhyme.
The wind blew love around me.
I missed it all this time.

The charm of every season
Was lost with every word.
And the sound of our contentment
Was something never heard.

The chill of every winter
Came early in the fall.
And the burning heat of summer
Came with no warmth at all.

Our burning lives made passion,
With flaming love no part;
Till all our world was ended
By a misplaced empty heart.

It lasted near a lifetime,
But I dare not place the blame.
I took it all for granted,
Our life without a name.

Laurie Hill 25 April 2009

An excellent write that so many can relate to...10+

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Bob Blackwell 25 April 2009

A sad but vivid picture of a life that never was. I enjoy your writing even when its sad.

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 25 April 2009

As rain came down in rhythm, My teardrops fell in rhyme. The wind blew love around me. I missed it all this time.......................Great lines............My tearsdrops fell in rhyme.........wonderful line.............Good Write.....

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Cristy Upshaw 25 April 2009

This is absolutely priceless. Remarkable rhythm and rhyme, but then again you are the king at such. Truly touching and heartfelt piece displayed here,

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this poem any body can relate to...taking things for when we feel at home...why should that become a blame

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Rabi Anata 25 June 2009

Everyone's stated what I had to say. I loved the rhythm, flow too. I also like that it was easy for me to follow and relate to. Most people get so extremely deep into everything, and forget to cover the surface. +10

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Shekhar Joshi 03 May 2009

a strong poem. you amaze me with simplicity of your impactful words. And your style of beautiful * rhythm and rhyme *. excellent work

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Pranav Kumar 01 May 2009

Lovely poem very nice rythems keep it up

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this is one of the most beautiful poems ever.. you control of rhythm is amazing.

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Elaine Oxamendi Vicet 26 April 2009

Wonderfully written..great flow, rhythm.10+

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