*life And Death (Are They The Same Thing?) * Poem by Magic What'sHerName

*life And Death (Are They The Same Thing?) *

Rating: 2.7

I sit down and look around,
But you know what I found?
A world of unhappy people staring.
All of them swearing.
They wish for a better life.
A husband doesn’t want his wife.
But it seems no one cares,
So they all continue to swear.
They live lives like nothing.
They’ve got to do something!
Don’t just stand there and take the abuse.
Everybody has at least one bruise!
Someone’s out there to get them.
Not one treated like a precious gem!
You get treated like you treat others!
Where are all the mothers?
Who is to teach these people what is wrong and right?
Who will take care of them and make them alright?
Little children start crying.
What is their father buying?
Drugs? Something to end their life.
So a teenager pulls out a knife.
Her parents are already dead.
She wouldn’t know what they would have said.
She takes a chance and starts at the throat,
And what I would have wrote
Would be too gruesome to tell.
She’s going to hell!
Let’s leave it at that.
There is no more chitchat,
As someone pulls out a gun.
See? How is this fun?
They all begin to die as the sun
Rises from the ground.
There is so much sound,
But no one came running.
Well isn’t that stunning?

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