*the Little...* X Poem by Magic What'sHerName

*the Little...* X

Rating: 2.8

The little girl is looking for her mommy
But too bad shes a druggie
The little girl starts to cry
Her mommy's going to die
The little girl says wheres daddy
The moms stuck up and acts all bratty
The little girl screams for her dad
But the mom only gets mad.

The little boy is looking for his brother
But the mom doesn't even bother
The little boy screams out where are you
But the mom won't even listen for a few
The little boy doesn't know his brother is dead
But the mom had not said
The little boy starts to cry
His brother had to die.

The little baby cries for food
But the parents act all rude
The little baby has to see the doctor
But the parents are just mockers
The little baby has a few minutes to live
But the parents can't even give
The little baby breathes her last breath
But the parents continue to do meth.

*(A poem for the kids rejected, Because they were neglected, For their parents who were infected) *

Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 20 December 2009

Now that's what i call a MenimE stuff.. Loved it girl. Keep it goin

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Nakita Ball 27 June 2009

oh my goodness i love this poem i honestly started crying great job

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