Magic What'sHerName Poems

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*abuse Me*

I sit on the ground
I'm trying not to make a sound
I stare at my feet
Hoping he can't find me and beat

*depression* X

I just feel so down
I only frown
I have no smile left
Depression is a theft

**low Self Esteem*

You say I'm not good with words
And that I don't need herds
Of people around me to make me feel
Any better about myself and it's a done deal

*my Life Is Mine And Only Mine! *

My smile is put on by plaster
I wish my life would end faster
Since I was born its been a disaster
Why do you think you're my master

*little Girl (War) *

The little girl outside is humming
It seems the evil people are coming
The day will soon end
Where is this little girls friend?

*the Little...* X

The little girl is looking for her mommy
But too bad shes a druggie
The little girl starts to cry
Her mommy's going to die

*smeared Blood*

I hear outside as the rain
Begins to wipe away the pain
All the smeared blood
Begins to wash away in the flood

*i'M Daddy's Little...* X

I'm daddy's little misunderstood
Always wearing my hood
With my headphones in
Never letting you win,

A Girl Can Dream X

I lock myself in my room
And I hear a loud boom
He tries to open my door
But I'm right next to it on the floor

*writing Another Reason Why I Choose To Die* X

I stare at my pink walls
Wishing they would all fall
Down and go away
Hoping this is the only way

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