*writing Another Reason Why I Choose To Die* X Poem by Magic What'sHerName

*writing Another Reason Why I Choose To Die* X

Rating: 2.6

I stare at my pink walls
Wishing they would all fall
Down and go away
Hoping this is the only way
To hide who I really am
Never wanting to show them
That this is who I really am
But would they care?
Would they only stare
At me like a freak
Because I'm not like them?
But I can think
For myself I don't need them
I'm an obsessed vampire girl
Trying to hide curls
With straight hair
Showing them I don't care
What they think of me
But they couldn't see
That they make me cry
When they lie
About who I am
Well, it's not up to them
So they hide me away from the world
And I roll into a curled
Ball so they can't see my tears
Because they bring back my fears
With everyone staring at me
They wanna change me
But that isn't going to happen
I'm not the same tappin'
Ballet girl I once was
I don't do whatever everyone else does
So they should just deal with that!
I dream I'll turn into a bat
Hoping I'll be bonded with true love
For eternity, but they all live above.

*(For everyone whose parents want to change them... I scream I LIKE MYSELF AS I AM!) *

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