**low Self Esteem* Poem by Magic What'sHerName

**low Self Esteem*

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You say I'm not good with words
And that I don't need herds
Of people around me to make me feel
Any better about myself and it's a done deal
That I'll heal
I'm not the person you want me to be
Or that you wish I'd be
All I am is me.

I have low self esteem
I'm falling apart at the seams
And I just want to scream
Praying you're on my team
But your not
I don't feel hot
Or pretty
But I feel kicked
And I was always last picked.

I know I'm not ur favorite anymore
I'm just a big bore
And someone to be ashamed of
I wish I was a dove
Able to fly away
I wish I could do that today.

I wanna fly away
Somewhere I'm accepted
Because I'm not even accepted
By my family
Sure they love me
But only because I'm family
Not that they even would love me.

No one does
And no one should
I'm not what I was
And I could
If I wanted too
But because of you
I'm still here
Putting up with these strange people
But I do shed one tear
Every now and then.

*(A poem to people who don't accept me, Because they don't like me) *


You only touched upon it, but it seems like these strong feelings were brought on by losing the person you love, and I can relate. I don't know when you went through this, but I'm going through it now. And yeah, I too have low self-esteem. I think it's really cool you can admit it in a poem, cuz not many people do. Your poem sounds like my poem, 'If Self-Esteem is a basis of life then I guess I'm bereft of life'. You don't have to read it, but yeah, I can relate. Cool poem.

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Brigid Guthrie 02 August 2009

I completely understand where your coming from and I van relate.. Ive felt like this before and I've been in this situation. I feel this poem is very expressive and well written. Good job Whitney :) 10

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Wow this is deep i so get where you're coming from. If you can, will you read is this how you feel or a dark poem

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Rebeckah Schroeder 25 June 2009

Wow very thoughtful. You can tell this was written from the heart. Just remember it doesnt matter what other people of you all that matters is what you think of yourself. But everyone once in a while you do need a boost from someone. Just know that your poems are really good. Keep writing.

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