*smeared Blood* Poem by Magic What'sHerName

*smeared Blood*

Rating: 3.1

I hear outside as the rain
Begins to wipe away the pain
All the smeared blood
Begins to wash away in the flood
Thank, God, that it stings
No matter what life brings
I'll always take the worst of it
I'll take it without a fit
I hear as I begin to scream
I'm glad this is no dream
I deserve to suffer
It needs to be more rougher
Why is everyone staring?
Why isn't anyone caring?
Seems that things shall never change
No matter how strange
The world may be at times
Everyone fighting for dimes
Money's running low
But as I take the last blow
I feel death on my shoulder
I wish I could be boulder
My skin is getting colder
As I lay down on the floor
The sky makes a loud roar
Then I believe four
Hours later I awake
The light is too much to take
In with these broken eyes
I can see all of the lies
I've told to everyone I know
I watch as my chances for me going to hell grow
I watch the sad look in God's eyes
As I start to cry about my lies
My name isn't in the book
Without another look
God is gone and in his place
There is a strange, creepy face
I'm going to hell
I knew after life wouldn't end well!

*(A poem to where I'm going if I don't change my ways, Lies are deceitful and so are suicidal days, But never underestimate Gods ways) *

Elizabeth Resendiz 25 June 2009

very good poem full of emotion.. love it, i give 10

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deep and full of emotion i feel the same way great wright 110% No Reason To Care

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