*little Girl (War) * Poem by Magic What'sHerName

*little Girl (War) *

Rating: 2.8

The little girl outside is humming
It seems the evil people are coming
The day will soon end
Where is this little girls friend?
Her mother? Her father?
What happened to her big brother?
Why is she sitting there alone?
She’s nothing but skin and bone
Does anyone love this little girl?
Adorable with her curls
Does anyone know this little girl?
She starts to scream
This is no dream
Evil people come through the front gate
Her parents come too late
They grab her and start to run
I watch everyone die as the sun
Begins to rise
This town was based on lies
Everyone I love I watched die
Everyone I knew I watched cry
Life ends fast
Soon We’ll be in the past
The fight is finally over
I come out of my cover
I look around the town
Covered in red and people laying down
I tried to pretend they were all asleep
As I had to leap
Over them to get out of this place
But one single face
Made me stop and stare
My dad laid there
My own father was dead
Who will ever tuck me into bed?
Where was my mom?
I cried as someone let off a bomb
I turned to see one last person stand
He takes out his hand
He pulled the trigger to his gun
I hope the evil people are happy they won.

*(A poem about killing, All of the unwilling, There blood was spilling, As the bad people were killing) *

Saadat Tahir 12 July 2009

a long drawn bad dream...depicted very well indeed you have this flair with doing sad and dread poetry very well done cheers

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Natalie Kemura 26 June 2009

it seemed desperate and cold

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Joseph Poewhit 04 June 2009

Lots of emotions behind the words.

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