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Life Is The Share Of Pain And Happy

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Life is the share of pain and happy

Life is the share of pain and happy
the moments value the share
divulging the truth sometimes bitter to say
false in it sometimes bring the happiest notes...

When the anger and love play their role
behind the seen you are valued apart
love is the weapon built you strong
anger is the crusher destroy you depart

Hunger teach the values of penny
where lavish teach the future values of money
manners bring the bright of future
where deceitful make the dark of the present...

Love in you spread the fragrance around
where enmity will bring the character ground
life is nothing you decide to live
and others always make trouble believe...

Life and love always in trouble
when you love the one most in you
she will ever love away in zest
live your way for her to lift.....

Leave anger, enmity and deceitful on ground
live a life ever shining around
you will succeed a successful life
when you know life is a share
in pain and happy.....

Ramesh T A 05 October 2009

Like day and night life has two sides to be experienced by all, i.e. pain and happiness only! Nicely expressed poem about life!

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Walterrean Salley 02 November 2009

One can not avoid pain, nor happiness - definite elements of life, which come in some form or other. And yes, hunger does teach the value of pennies (beautiful) .

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Emma Adamyan 18 October 2009

totally speachless............ i loved it forever :) ur a genious!

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Emma Adamyan 18 October 2009

first i`m commenting and voting just for the tittle and then going to read the poem. u`re absolutelly right abt it, life is what u`ve said

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Antonio Liao 15 October 2009

life comes no more if we stop it.....desire life when one move it to where perfection nestle to the’s always the challenge of life that endurance lives first in this life of game.... it’s not chance to ponder....but a hope to fight till, we come again to live.....a very challenging poem of all time.... thank you and GOD bless....a 10 +++++

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Ejaz Khan 05 October 2009

Yes a meaningful life is sharing with others, both joy and pain but also other emotions, a nice reminder, well penned!

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