Life's Recipes

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We hold within our hearts,
old recipes so rare.
One's that don't come out of books,
and can, quite easily tear.
You can tell your friends about them
and some will understand,
but other's try to banish pain.
then vanish from the land.
If you mix the herbs of love,
life becomes easier to bear.
Then talk about your problem,
which is so much nicer to share.
So why let there be despair,
when trouble comes your way.
The heart folds in fine ingredients,
and helps you though the day.
So then if you can remember,
to flavour life with ease.
You have only got to search your mind
For life's old recipes.

Graham Jones 22 February 2006

A excellent poem Sylvia, the flow and content stand out, well done: -)

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Ernestine Northover 18 July 2006

A delicious mixture culminating in a great dish. Very nice indeed. Love Ernestine XXX

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Duncan Wyllie 25 February 2006

All the right ingriedients for sound advice.Love Duncan

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Mary Nagy 23 February 2006

What a lovely poem Sylvia! Very nice....Sincerely, Mary

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Herbert Nehrlich1 22 February 2006

Warm is right, as warm as the poet. I am glad you have come back, Sylvie. Best wishes H

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Gina Onyemaechi 22 February 2006

Caring and sweet (pun very much intended!) . Thank you for these warm words, Sylvia. Warm regards (naturally) , Gina.

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