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Like Fading Memories

Rating: 5.0

The soft wind gently
Ruffles the slender and
Lanced shaped leaves
Of the willow tree.

The yellow and slight
Brown leaves slowly released
Themselves from the branches
Softly flowing to the ground.

They are like great memories
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M Asim Nehal 05 January 2021

Memory fades gradually if not reminded subconsciously within the mind. A free flowing poem. Masterstroke.5***

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Yiyan Han 04 January 2021

O yes they prepare for their host to have a new start. Wish human memory can be restarted ;))

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Dr Dillip K Swain 04 January 2021

This poem unfolds the symbolism associated with willow tree. The gentle breeze ruffles (kisses) the slender leaves…reflection of love, emotions, tears, sadness and what not….natural phenomenon…the truth..The title provides us great philosophical insights. Beautifully penned….. Top score!

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Kostas Lagos 04 January 2021

How this poem flows! Excellent

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Sandra Feldman 04 January 2021

Could see and feel the scene and feelings. Only the magic of a great poet's heart and pen could awaken such unforgettable imagery and touching feelings. Superb poem, one of the greatss

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Rini Shibu 17 January 2021

Beautiful memories of yesterday..well penned

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Captain Cur 15 January 2021

An excellent write! Hopefully new sprigs will bring many new happy memories.

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Suresh Kumar EK 14 January 2021

Green to yellow it is the fate of every being, Rose

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 14 January 2021

Excellent poem that lingers in the mind.......5 stars

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 14 January 2021

memories that fade away like the autumn leaves

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