Like Onion Poem by Sonya Florentino

Like Onion

Rating: 4.9

Like onion skin

My skin

Layer upon layer

But thin

You can peel me

But ever so slowly

You will cry

I am sorry

But if it's any consolation

I am crying too

For you are finally seeing me

while I'm



© 2009 Sonya Florentino

Whitney Nicole Albright* 27 February 2009

This is very creative and thoughtful.

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Sandra Fowler 28 February 2009

Very provocative, An original mind is definately at work here. Excellent use of simile and imagery. Warm regards, Sandra

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Viola Grey 13 March 2009

I love the way this just drips off the tongue....great piece.

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Laurie Hill 19 April 2009

Seeing through to find the you, lovely write............10

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Ruth Walters 03 May 2009

I think this is a very clever little poem: -) Another onion; -)))

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Brian Jani 03 July 2014

wow, short and subtle yet i realy enjoyed the whole idea behind it

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Patti Masterman 25 September 2009

This is so clever- really! One of the most clever endearing poems ever. So I am not surprised that it was written by you; sometimes all the talent boils itself into a single thing, like it is being this is like a fine onion wine..(smile)

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C. P. Sharma 09 September 2009

Sonya, a great unravelling of the self with infinite llayers. Loved it. CP

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William Lindenmuth 25 August 2009

like a search for self, you peel each layer discovering all that you are until you reach the core of your existence. you tend you garden well with words and you continue to grow as a writer

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Lillian Thomas 21 August 2009

A very nice poem, Sonya! The metaphor of an onion you turn almost inside out in the last few lines: 'For you are finally seeing me while I'm undressing you' very clever!

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Sonya Florentino

Sonya Florentino

Manila, Philippines (residing NYC)
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