Heart Broken Poem by Amy

Heart Broken

Rating: 2.7

You wrecked my life
And my dreams
Tore them apart
At the seams

I trusted you
But you didn’t care
You didn’t have a clue
And just left me there

But I still love you
Even though I say I don’t
I say I’ll forget
But I know I won’t

I wish what happened
Never occurred
Friends again
Without the hurt

The months went by
Not a word spoken
My tears are gone
But my hearts still broken


This poem strike me hard in the heart I can relate to this poem 10/10 I loved this poem

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Blue Eyes 20 November 2008

a very nice poem especially the last part of it.

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I understand this poem 100% you did great writing it great work...

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T S 15 April 2009

This poem so many can relate to..... another excellent write Amy 10/10

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Bradley Lester 09 April 2009

Hi Amy I enjoyed this poem, it was nice, short and sweet but meaningful......I can relate to this hurt you felt... Brad

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B3@utiful Dis@st3r 13 January 2009

wow this is a really good poem i know how you feel great poem keep writing

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Steven Cable 28 December 2008

Great poem, I know exactly what that feels like since Friday! Happens to us all i suppose, but again great poem.

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Julian * 15 December 2008

this is one of the best that i've read, it really got to me.

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