Nobody's Perfect Poem by Amy

Nobody's Perfect

Rating: 2.9

Nobody’s perfect
But nobody tries
No one gets respect
Everyone lies

Nobody’s perfect
Everyone cries
What did you expect?
Everything dies

Nobody’s perfect
But no one knows why
Is it for effect?
It just ends in a sigh

Nobody’s perfect
They just turn their backs
When life becomes wrecked
They turn to dope or jack

Nobody’s perfect
We get fired, we get sacked
Treating others with disrespect
Then we pack

No, the world isn’t great
It’s full of lies and deceit
Plastic girls, completely fake
But at least it’s complete

Thomas Viruvelil 13 September 2008

Life has more positives.But we tend to notice only negetives Keep looking for positives and do not get mired in negetives

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Luis Gil 14 September 2008

If it were perfect, it would be boring... So many things to learn, so much beauty to deserve... Good poem, Amy.

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David Threadgold 15 September 2008

Hi Amy. Your right not everything is perfect, but there is a lot more of life still to be seen and a lot of it is much better. well written Regards Dave T.

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Ivor Hogg 17 September 2008

The first thing I taught my chidren was don't expect life to be fair. You are correct no one is or can be perfect. You have a talent for ryhming but need to pay attention to your meter

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June Feir-Cruz 11 September 2008

Sad observations on life, but it's not everything. Life is also full of hopes and dreams. Great work, great capacity for observation. Smiles, June

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Leslie Ching 22 February 2009 some point we all buckle under the pressure of stress or depression...indeed, nobody's perfect, but that doesn't necessarily mean nobody tries, it's just that they try and never get there. (i am one of those people-perfectionism is my biggest problem.) an interesting read...a 10++++++++ to you lc

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Roy Storey 24 September 2008

Only 9 i think its worth 10 as i am not perfect.

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Chris Newlash 22 September 2008

Good poem, very true and thanks for reading my poem, All my heart

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Amber ... 22 September 2008

thank you. oh, great poems, i have read a few

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Reshma Ramesh 18 September 2008

neat keep it up..............

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