Longing For Favour Poem by Jeremy Horsford

Longing For Favour

Rating: 5.0

The theatre of madness besieges me.

Suffocating me with the methodical madness of
the mind beating against absurdity. But some how
it makes sense.

Of sound mind may disagree. Of sound mind's gaze
of favour has overlooked this once appetising

Although unpicked, this fruit has fallen from
grace. Left to rot with society's undesirables.

The undesirables deserve not to be lowered. As my
presence enhances the disgust amongst the elite.

But then again, why not accept differing
opinions? However, why accept what is yet to
offer sense?

The belief of the dim-minded is astonishing. Am I
to remain disavowed by such ill imaginative

Is my last breath sentenced to such unfortunate
circumstances? Or will favour cast it's eye over
this weary carcass once more?

Saturday, October 31, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: hope
Kewayne Wadley 01 March 2016

There is no escape my friend they are everywhere! Lol exquisite lines! KW

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Kumarmani Mahakul 12 December 2015

The belief of the dim-minded is astonishing. Last breath may be sentenced with unfortunate hopes but longing for favour rises hopes. Very wonderful drafting shared.10

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Richard Jarboe 14 November 2015

It's hard to be a poet. Without the cretins (so to speak) what would you write about. Oysters make pearls but not because they're comfortable. Keep you pearls coming and take care, ric

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Sofia Kioroglou 31 October 2015

Lost for words! Simply amazing! Good ink!

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Jeremy Horsford

Jeremy Horsford

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