Looking Back Poem by Lyn Paul

Looking Back

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As I Turn This Page
And look back at My Journey
A Lesson In Life. For LIfe Is... A Test
A huge Puzzle
As A Beautiful Child
You are So Special
We are All Innocent
In Growing
Always, Just Be Yourself
Breathe Every Chance and Believe
In you
We Are who We Are, Today and Always
This is Our World
Some of us hide a huge Scar
Oh Lord How hard It can be
The Storm seems like
It is not Leaving Me
There are So Many Questions
That are So Important
Find your Strength
Think of our Love
This is Our World
Just Take your Guard Away
Listen to your Favourite Song
Look in Life's Mirror
Heal as you do; at The Beach
Don't Walk Away from your Chapters of Life
Or The Memories
Do Not Be Sad
By The Wrinkles you have gained
These Wrinkles have given you Wealth

When it is A perfect Time
And There is Someone Calling Me
I will close my eyes and Be Forever Free
With My Funeral Pen
I wrote so many words
These words I speak
Suddenly... Change
I had A Dream
Of Death Moving On
I'm in My Casket
Late for The Cemetery
Forever Free
Do Not Be Sad
For I've Lived
Life's Path

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: journey,wisdom,believe
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Mark Dillon 14 November 2012

there are always questions, as we are always learning, its just one big curve, nice write lyn

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Ruby Honeytip 15 November 2012

Again.....beautiful writing laced with loving kindness. Just fantastic writing Lyn: -)

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Tony Karas 11 December 2012

Totally awesome. A 10 for sure but I seem to be unable to rate anything. It just doesn't accept it.

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Owain Glyn 02 December 2012

I like that you have the courage to look at the journey we all must make, if you take Public Transport, maybe we'll meet on the train!

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Red O'mara 16 November 2012

Lyn, you're giving us reason to look on the bright side but how can you expect someone to not be sad after reading such a poem. Extremely moving and beautifuly written.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 16 November 2012

Yes life is a test we have to pass with flying colours. Very nice writ piece!

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Valerie Dohren 15 November 2012

A beautiful write with so much wisdom expressed. Excellent Lyn.

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