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>≫≫Love - -An Addiction Unlike Cigarettes

Rating: 4.5

In both the addiction cases
The end results are being turned into ashes
After being burnt from the time
A cigarette lighted with fire
And love with desire
So smoking is injurious
But love is not
As it burns till death
In pleasure, in delight
Whereas smoking ends up at butt

After being puffed up with smoke and light.
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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 03 November 2013

the last but of the cigaret is the kiss of the woman. well put

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Kanniappan Kanniappan 03 November 2013

Dear Abdul Wahab, Excellent poem comparing love and cigarette. 'A cigarette lighted with fire And love with desire' Nice!

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 04 November 2013

oh, what a comparison, and so well put! love does burn but it's different.

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Queeny Gona 11 November 2013

Wonderful comparison, loved the read!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 07 November 2013

comparison brought by the poet is great thank

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Heather Wilkins 06 November 2013

a good comparison between the cigarette and love. sometimes it is hard to put the flame of love out.

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David Wood 04 November 2013

Love is a many splendid thing, a light to the world.

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Danny Draper 04 November 2013

An interesting comparison the ephemeral and harmful with the eternal and exhilarating but also potential harmful.

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