Love Words Poem by David DeSantis

Love Words

Rating: 3.7

is a twisted game of words.
Defined by the actions we speak,
I know of no way to compromise
two competing concepts.
light, dark
we play in shadows
and dance ideas,
but do we really understand
this twisted game of words,
to decide the feelings,
of the actions
we speak.

is a thoughtless game of sound
around and behind
the walls we put up
to trace the concepts
of the sounds we hear
to think we understand
the movement of our souls.

is an enemy to those we don't
competing tirelessly
for an affection we can't
or don't,
understand how to give
due to the chains
that bind us selfishly
to the surroundings of the air,
and barriers we support
to build love in our dreams.

is the one you left in the past
the thoughts surrounded
by beauty surreal
instigated in the hair
of the lover you know
who to say love
would be wrong by account.

is the destruction within
it is the eyes of fire
motionlessly purveying
the dreams of a landscape
barren with fear
of the times you were,
and the times you knew,
to be whole in the concept of love.

Copyright (c) David DeSantis

Coreena Dejesus 03 April 2008

great insight! A joy to read. Thanks for sharing your poem. ♥ Hugs Coreena ♥

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Michael Campbell 03 April 2008

this is beautiful. dark and intriguing. great job.

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kandii koted babe 03 April 2008

its unique..but you know what they say you write what you is that what you feel?

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 07 April 2008

David, Very deep for one so young...yet when we are young love can reach, somehow, deeper into the 'soul.' I was told once when I was 20 or so, after writing a very pasionate poem about love that as I grew older my perceptions of love would change...I am not sure that it has...But I wrote once at a much older age, 'Love - Mentor, Tormentor! Love - Question Mark! I loved the passion of your poem...10! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves to Sing

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David Harris 07 April 2008

David, love is the constant demon of our soul. One minute it wants to take us to the heights of heaven, then the next it wants to destroy us. Brilliant write my friend. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Inday Prising 07 June 2008

love really is a destruction within...ur words are so passionate really..its good....

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Ashley Dickerson 27 May 2008

the way you camptured emotions is extremely compelling. i LOVE this piece and look foward to reading more

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 21 April 2008

David, I appreciate the passion of your words and you will find as you get older you will write a different poem...I say of love...'mentor, tormentor'...I am excited at the prospect of reading more of your work. Dorothy

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rohit sapra 16 April 2008

Very nice poem. Great job and the flow in your poems is great.

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R H 13 April 2008

You have attempted to define the enigma that is love - and what love means to you in it's many guises - You write from the heart David and you present an array of thoughts that will resonate with many readers in part or in whole. A thought provoking poem. j.

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