! ! Magical Bond Poem by asma bahrainwala

! ! Magical Bond

Rating: 4.9

Last night, I sat by my window
In a meditative mood,
Gazing at the clouds
That veiled the starry firmament,
And implored the clouds to drift away,
Unveiling the beauty of the night-sky.

They courteously obliged,
Slowly drifting away…
But they did not merely do that.
Rather, all of a sudden,
—Yet very graciously—
They illuminated one distant star
I’d always been in search of
To adorn my private sky with,
To complete the pattern
Of my private constellation.

I’m so glad I found it.
It shall be
A witness to my life.
It shall say—
“She lived and she loved.”
By Jove, my life will not go unnoticed!

Today, with this divine reassurance,
I ushered in the beauteous dawn—
New dawn, of a renewed life.
It is strange!
Is it? ... I wonder.
No, not really!
When I grope and brood and sift
Through my private memories,
I find
I had long anticipated it.

I’m drenched in the sweetness
Of this sweet change.
I’m overwhelmed with joy
For the myriad sensations
It evokes in me.
My entire being is embraced by bliss,
Making the separate parts of me
Into a perfect whole.

February 18,2009
13.45 pm

Arshaj Gaikwad 03 April 2009

hi, this is a new one... great title... has an amazing 2nd stanza... 'I’d always been in search of To adorn my private sky with, To complete the pattern Of my private constellation' realy liked it..... nice and very imaginative. and a great flow of thought...... arsh

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Max Reif 25 March 2009

I really respect the last line of this piece. I feel some authority in it. The experience you describe is symbolic. I'm not sure whether I can accept it as an EXPERIENCE, I mean as a full description of a transformative experience, because I have no clue what the foundation is for the experience. I like the symbols and you use clear, straight-forward language to convey it. I read the poem three times, and that's where I am. Have to go now. I think you could edit a bit. For example, the musing, 'Is it strange? ' etc, I don't know whether that really adds anything. Make sure every line HAS to be there. Now that I've said all this, please take into consideration that which you intuitively connect with, let go of the rest. An author creates a poem, and has the final say on what it says and how it says it.

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Peter A. Crowther 19 February 2009

A lovely poem of hope and renewal. May each of us find our own star up there in the heavenly firmament!

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rajagopal haran 19 February 2009

feel that i am drenched in nature, with love by divine beauty....great Asma...rare and wonderful

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Indira Babbellapati 18 February 2009

as waves to the sea so are memories to life every dawn heralds a new beginning... thnq for inviting me to read, dear asma!

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