Winds Of Change Poem by asma bahrainwala

Winds Of Change

Rating: 5.0

A solitary stunted bud
In a barren garden
Of repressed desires
Parched to the core
And in need of love
To rejuvenate its being

Blossomed at the very hint
Of the touch
Of the friendly West Wind
Trumpeting the arrival of Spring
In its seemingly eternal
Autumnal existence.

Imagine this,
If a single hint of breeze
Could bring to life
This long dead bud
What would an Eternal Spring
Do to it?

Caress it out of its
Vegetative existence?
Fill it with fragrance?
Promise that it would never ever
Let autumn set in?
Or is it too early for the hopeful bud
To surmise the intent of Spring?

(16th April,2007)

Patricia Gale 25 April 2007

Intersting piece, the winds of change a lovely title....

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Aashish Ameya 25 April 2007

we all longe for eternal spring but seldomly find it....good one...

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Malini Kadir 25 April 2007

we all long for it.......beautiful imagination......loved it....

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Peter A. Crowther 25 April 2007

Nicely chosen words - and not one wasted! I like the thoughtful tone of this poem; it is one to savour over several readings. Definitely a 10 from me!

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Melvina Germain 25 April 2007

A lovely poem Asma, I love the title it sets the tone for this beautiful poem. The content is well thought out and gives a peaceful feel to it. Thankyou for such beauty Asma. A big (10) from me.---Melvina---

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Srujini M 18 February 2009

a nice juxtaposition of Spring and Autumn centering around the Bud, a very unique treatment of a very very philosophical thought, which has been so adequately described in the right language and feelings. the more i read the more i wish to read.thanx

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Rakesh Jaddu 14 June 2007

This is amazing...the promise that the future holds has been painted in words through the story of a bud waiting in expectation of the coming spring (called eternal only to know that it will one day go away)

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Raghavan Warrier 18 May 2007

I love the touch of God in the poem; which takes the poem to a higher level and incvariably brings in the element of love and hope. In an age with all the right reasons to be depressed, your poems are a refreshing departure. A single line 'Of repressed desires' brings the poem right into the centre of our existence. Thanks for sharing

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Ernestine Northover 06 May 2007

Great depth of feeling here Asma. a beautiful lyrical poem, with wonderful expressions of nature. A delight to read. Sorry I'm a little late in perusing it. Lovely write. Love Ernestine XXX

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Jibin Joseph 30 April 2007

excellent poem........loved reading it..........Trumpeting the arrival of Spring...thanks for sharing peace jibin

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