Making Love Under The Stars Poem by Little Sunshine

Making Love Under The Stars

Rating: 4.7

I am sitting here till you will be here by my side making love with me under the stars
Thinking of our old days, when we were deeply in love but so out of touch

I can remember that time when I told you I wish our life together will come so soon
You said o my love what if I had wings to fly to you
I loved these words when I heard from you

coz I was waiting for you to be here with me,
To take away my lonely nights
To dry away my waiting tears
I needed you to be there with me so desperately
To tell the world nothing can be more beautiful than my love for my wife to be
At last we are together because what was between us was true love

I was in these sweet memories when you appeared in the starlight
Telling me how are you my darling wife, o where are the kids have they fallen asleep without wishing me goodnight...

For my sweet love :)

Andrew mark Wilkinson 08 August 2009

Waiting for your love to come home to you, memories of family and home who does not dream of these sweet things Hati, hope he is good to such a sweet wife.. Andy 10

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Obinna Eruchie 08 August 2009

A lovely poem full of sweet words.

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aww sunshine.. this piece shine.. love is good yes................ you got it.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 08 August 2009

'coz I was waiting for you to be here with me, To take away my lonely nights To dry away my waiting tears' ahahahahaha! mind-crunchinnnnnnnggggggg! 10+

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Meggie Gultiano 09 August 2009

a passionate write. and i am starstruck by your very romantic words.Lovely.. Hugs, Meggie

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Romeo Della Valle 09 January 2010

I did it, too, I have been there like you, it feel great, wow, well penned, great job.; ..Hope you have the chance to read some of my poems, especially 'A JOURNEY', God Bless You, Love and Peace, Romeo

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Anjali Sinha 02 November 2009

lovely poem so sweet, so tender will touch the heart of stone and make it molten to the bone -10 anjali

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Yasser Koor 20 October 2009

wow i miss that way of writing what a lovely poem. this poem really touched my heart and it is deep and full of lovely feeling. it's mad me to remember lovely's made feel that i need to be a lover again... good work and full of lovely passions.

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Romeo Della Valle 17 September 2009

As far as I can see, your not such a little sunshine, you got a great talent, not time to waste my dear, well-penned poem, very deep, enjoyed reading it, Love and Peace, Romeo

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Hazem Al Jaber 02 September 2009

making love while all stars watching our love... dear poet.. i am reading it again.. so beautiful.. hazem

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