Marina Tsvetaeva Every Poem Is A Child Of Love, Poem by valentin savin

Marina Tsvetaeva Every Poem Is A Child Of Love,

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Valentin SAVIN
(my English translations)

Marina Tsvetaeva
* * *
Every poem is a child of love,
А рооr bastard by birth.
A Firstling - the sky above.
Left to all winds on the earth.

Heart's left to hell and an altar,
Heart has a bless and a grief
Who is his father? A tsar?
May be a tsar, or a thief.

Марина Цветаева
* * *
Каждый стих — дитя любви,
Нищий незаконнорожденный.
Первенец — у колеи
На поклон ветрам — положенный.

Сердцу ад и алтарь,
Сердцу — рай и позор.
Кто отец? — Может — царь.
Может — царь, может — вор.

Thursday, November 27, 2014
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Shabeeh Haider 27 November 2014

This is wonderful indeed. Have a look at my poetry

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Valentin Savin 18 January 2016

Thanks Shabeeh. It's very kind of you.

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Dr Antony Theodore 11 October 2018

Every poem is a child of love, how true dear poet Valentine, heart at the holy altar and heart full of grief............. i am trying to get deeper into the secrets of your soul as i write comments... love your poems. tony

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Bri Edwards 08 July 2018

it does LOOK like the Russian rhymes as the English does. i wonder if it sounds like rhyming in Russian. i'd use a blessing, not a bless, but i can't read/understand the Русские слова. i'll look for one you wrote all by yourself aka not a translation. bri :)

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Valentin Savin 10 July 2018

Thanks, Bri! I do hope the rhyming sounds in the English as it does in the Russian. A blessing instead of a bless sounds better. But there seem to be an extra syllable, though I may be wrong. There are very few of my own English poems posted in PH. E.g. A Lovely Star, I’m no Poet nor Lover, Lost Love, The Music of Love, The Road to Truth.

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Daniel Brick 19 January 2016

This is Marina's voice of despair. Whatever drove her to commit suicide at the moment she did we will never know, perhaps she was simply overwhelmed with the War, the deprivations, the politics, the failure of love, what a list (I was going to write litany - but that means prayer - but she was beyond the help prayer might offer, don't you think?) But this poem isn't complete despair, because parentage of the poem/child might be royal, and fate might give blessing/altar as likely as hell/grief. It's a matter of chance, and it is a cruel, punishing chance but still what we call in English A FIGHTING CHANCE. And Marina was a fighter until the darkness closed in completely (I guess) .

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Galina Italyanskaya 18 January 2016

I'm glad that you liked my line!)

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Galina Italyanskaya 18 January 2016

I think it's a very good translation. It's not easy to translate poetry close to the original text: to its meaning, metre and rhyme. (Maybe I would say Left to all winds on the earth - what do you think?)

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Valentin Savin 18 January 2016

Thanks Galina. I am very pleased by your kind words and agree with your proposal. It is sure to better my translation. I'll correct the line.

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