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I'll hold you for a final kiss,
Its time to say goodbye.
And I don't know if ever we
Will meet before I die.

When birds twitter to the trees,
And waves talk to briny seas.
When sky whispers to the sun,
Secrets that are shared by none.

I stand beside the chestnut tree,
Where many times you were with me,
How much the tree and I, now miss,
The faint embrace, the gentle kiss,

You stepped into my world and opened up a door,
A door that was opened by no one else before.
You stepped into my life and made each day a dream,
Dreams are always perfect and that's what my days seem.

There is no breeze,
The leaves don't blow.
No flowers dance,
Nor rivers flow.

I heard someone say
That when one would die,
The soul would become

How many storms will rise today?

As I gaze in your eyes today.

Did you feel the quake tonight?
Did someone's heart break tonight?

Come put your hand on my heart,

The moon would turn the other way,
For dim would be its light.
Whenever my beloved would
Just walk out in the night.

I picked the weed under my feet
And placed it in my heart.
The sunshine that was in my love
Had warmed it from the start.

Beyond my thoughts, beyond my dreams,
There is a world, they say.
The sun and light, they beckon me,
Your memories tell me, "stay"

The same story has been repeated every time,
A heart that trusts has now been cheated every time.
I lay roses along the path where you will pass,

Our eyes were locked and there I read,
All that your lips had left unsaid.


A face like the moon, stars twinkling in eyes,
To see you each night, I look at the skies.

The rain that fell managed to hide,
The tears in eyes, each time I cried.

I had been born the day we met,

Love has stepped into my world,
And now I am a thief.
Stealing minutes from your life,
Though often they are brief.


The glorious rainbow in the sky,
And spray from the briny seas,
Were mixed with bloom of the rose
And sweet honey of the bees.

Shabeeh Haider Biography

I have been writing poetry since I was a child and have been published in newspapers and journals. This year two of my poetry books have been published. A Vagabond Heart was published in May 2014 and Ripples On My Soul has been released last week. The poems that I am posting here are mainly from my book, 'A Vagabond Heart')

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I'll hold you for a final kiss,
Its time to say goodbye.
And I don't know if ever we
Will meet before I die.
Miles of ocean and of Land,
Can't keep us far apart,
But my dear, I cannot break
The chains that bind my heart.
Your lovely face is in my eyes,
I know you are not far.
I cannot touch, but see each night
The far off evening star.
Your eyes, your lips, your every form,
Is still fresh in my mind.
You are with me, though I know well
I've left you far behind.
My arms yet yearn to hold you close,
My lips are hungry still.
My eyes have seen your charms but yet
They haven't had their fill.
Each time you think of me, just pray,
Let tears not come to eye....
And I promise you my dear
We'll meet before I die.

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Magdalena Biela 29 October 2014

A wild guess from my side: you have a great sense, understanding of the words, a deep sense of music in all its forms, a strong love for Art in all its forms, otherwise you could not write so heartfelt poems. I am happy to read poetry that talks to me back, that gives me the shiver of real art. I grew tired of line after line, no rhyme, no sense, ambiguity so-called-poetry of the 3rd millennium. Walk the classic path and you shall be great! I wish you well!

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