Maybe (I Want To Fall Desperately In Love With Someone Who Cares) Poem by Lara W.A

Maybe (I Want To Fall Desperately In Love With Someone Who Cares)

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Maybe you'll be there tomorrow
Yeah, maybe
Maybe you'll walk up to me
To compliment my bright outfit
Or my genuine smile
Or the impossible dream I wear;
Everyday without fail.

And maybe
Maybe you'll come near enough
So near that your presence might kill me,
Crack the stubborn heart i keep under wrap,
Break down the walls i put up as a fortress...
Maybe you can do all that?

Maybe you'll make my day shinier than those
Diamonds at Tiffany's
You and your favorite snowcap
Your 'Yos' and 'Hellos'
That make me forget
The tide and the waves,
Or every heartbreaking knowledge
I store in mind.

I see you behind those thick sunglasses
Maybe we're just two lost souls
In need of each other's companionship?
In need of something that won't break away or fall apart,
In need of that one fact that won't seem delusional,
Reality that won't bite
Or comfort that won't escape;
Before our very eyes.

And yeah,
Maybe we'll complete each other's fading reflection?
Maybe this temptation is worth listening to?
We don't glance for nothing
I don't think of you to pass my time away
Just maybe
This much is true?

And maybe
Maybe you'll spot me out of the crowd
Tomorrow when i
Try to blend in with the passers-by
Maybe you'll grab my hand
Hand me a love note
And let me die happy...

(Or maybe...
I'm just tired of hoping?)

Ivy Christou 23 January 2006

this is a great come back Anies.. hopeless romantic too? well maybe our dreams may come true, you never know. keep posting! HBH

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John Tiong Chunghoo 23 January 2006

you are a real poet! !

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glen still 12 January 2006

Anies...i thought the opening lines ' Maybe you'll be there tomorrow Yeah, maybe' said it matter of factly, yet without hope! Wishing for that thing we all feel desolate without...and it's always just a 'MAYBE'. Great emotion...thanks for posting... glen b@peace

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Linda Hepner 12 January 2006

A long wait for your next poem, but this was well worth it! Your voice comes over plaintively yet strong and the words stream. Loved it, Anies!

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