Mike Coulter

Meanings Of Life(Tears From A Poet) - Poem by Mike Coulter

The Natural Tao(way)
By Micah coulter

Chapter 1 'Meanings Of Life.'

Oh how at night i dream. i Dream that One day all will be in favor of Life, and Not Violence.
I wish that the world would Open up and see that this world isnt supposed to be This way.
People were never Meant to Drive in cars. we were Never meant to Watch Television.
WE were never meant to Kill each other with atomic bombs or starve someone due
to their beliefs. We werent meant to do any of this whatsoever. But we did.
I look at life everyday and i think to myself. 'what is the Meaning of this? '
I reflect on all my wisdom. i think and i search daily on how to Extinguish this Fire within.
Yet Regardless i have found nothing. All searches End in vain, as will my life and everyone elses.
Truly, How do we know if there is life after death? or was this meant to be our only life? Time will tell.
Seek Ye the kingdom of God. yet this kingdom Cannot be found; At least, that is, Within Me.
and i Look in awe at all The religions. I Look at what man has crafted with his Flesh.
i look and I ask myself, 'why Cant i Take something that doesnt exist, ANd Make it Eternal? '
Is This The Tao? Is this Nirvana? is this Life within itself the Only Salvation? Have i Become a Solomon?
Conspicuously, It is not. Man says to himself, 'We are Not like the animals, We have souls! ' Fools!
How then is A 'Soul' Keeping you alive, Because ANimals, According to your beliefs, Have none, Yet
are they not Better Off? are they not self sufficent without Riches and fame? without Pride? Without Religion?
Yet still they are humble and Know by instinct their Place in life. just as We should Know. But we have blinded it.
and to us, We mourn. we worry because Life is too 'good' to Give up. Sadly, as everything. we Perish.
As a Raindrop, we Find a Puddle. As a Human, we find A Grave.

Chapter II 'imPermanance.'

Are we not, in the Circle of life. DO we think such Inteligence Cannot die? Why Then, If you see you are impermanent,
Do you find what i say to be Harmful? It is not. Man is A Mystery, this we know. Such a Mystery in Fact that we
do not Understand oursleves, even though we are Masters of the Body. How then, Can we say we have mastered the Mind?
The Mind Is too Impulsive. our thots are constantly arising. Like a River, our Thoughts are what makes Life, Life.
Our thoughts are Consuming, and SO consuming, That we cannot picture a Life without them.
I cannot Unravel the Mystery of life. Because the Mystery of Life is Unknowable. How we came to be must be
Blamed on an Entity, For the loss of a better word. Yet this Entity, Teaches men Humbleness and how to be Meek without
Speaking. it Gives men sight When it cannot see. This Entity, is mans Mind.
What is this World? what is this Universe? How oh god How did i get here? Trouble not yourself to find the Answer, Rather,
Trouble yourself to Be like that of the animals. who Know their Place without Thought. If you are looking For god you best
Look within. after all, wasnt it your thoughts that acknoweldged God in the first place? Do you Not see that Literally one day
you will die? Avoid Riches, child. Rather, Look for humbleness. ANimals have No possesions. how then are you never
happy without them? you Are only Upset because you want what does not End. Materials, fills not the Soul.
Rather, it fills The Grave. Do no Violence unto no man. This is the Law and the prophets. But child, is this not Out of Harmony? Animals DO violence unknowingly. they do not think it is wrong, Unless they have been taught That it is.
Violence is Not necessary, However, it is Natural. Violence is Mans Way of Survival, But It IS NOT necessary.
But to Never do violence is to never Have anger. As Thinking is natural. Anger is Natural.All things are natural in the Body.
Except the Root of Pain and Anguish, The Feeling of Loss and Guilt. THis Problem we have is Attachment. and it is Because
of Attachment, that we are Afraid To Die.

Chapter III 'Processes and Naturalness'

The Key to our survival is To go back to the Old traditions. Our New Age will Be the Last Age. Man knows not the Forces
he Reckons With. Friends, It is Because we want to Be Better than the Other Person, That causes us to Be Prideful.
These Three things Causes an Early Grave, Intolerance, Anger, and Pride. In order to Observe Nature, We First must Observe
ourselves. Christians, call all Negative emotions and Desires the Work Of Satan. Buddhists call it Mara. I call it What it is.
Natural. Man often Forgets his Brother Animals. Man did not start on Two legs. He, like the animals, started on Four.
Animals, started as Fish. Fish Evolved into Reptiles. I only state what man has Theorized. Yet to everything there is a process.
In wanting To Be Wise, You become ignorant. in wanting To be smart, You become stupid. in wanting to love, you Hate.
One thing cannot rely on its own. rather, it has to have balance. This is the Yin and The Yang. The Father and The son. the Being ANd the Non Being. This is The way. Therefore, This is Obvious. In wanting to Live you die. In Wanting to Die, You live.
I AM NOT A TAOIST. Rather, i state the Obvious, to get the conclusive. I ask Myself, and then Become Everyone. it is like that. to Every Action the Reaction is Opposite. This Is not Karma. Karma is Man made Theories. I Do Not Take From Religion.
Rather, i find the Natural way, That Frees us, and Doesnt Dogmatize us. It cant be Followed By a Closed Mind. yet it cannot be contained by an open mind. It has to Come to YOu Naturally. as it is, YOu are. Whatevers inside you, Is around you.
We Are not Gods, nor are we Aliens. We are Not superHuman. But one thing that we are, is Natural.

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