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Medusa, The Myth Unfold

Rating: 4.8
Suspend for a while your sense of query,
I am to tell you an old tragic story
Revealed unto my solemn heart
A myth that was wrongfully taught
In a far land of ancient Greece
Dwelt a highland lass in peace,
Fairer than Helen was she, in appearance
I, in lines few reveal unto you
Her virtue and her acquaintance.
Gentle to all young and old
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Twisted a bit the Medusa's theme, and it's purely fancies of mine, nothing to deal with the real myth.
*Minerva or Athena…goddess of wisdom, strength, justice and crafts
** Neptune. Roman god of water and sea.....

For further study please consults: The Beauty of the Medusa, ' by Jerome McGann.
Bri Edwards 05 May 2015
With venomous vipers, rattling around her neck, That turned a being into rock With her noxious gaze and look. you know, perhaps, that many of the so-called Greek statues were not carved out of stone, but were actually living beings turned into stone by Medusa's gaze. kind of like the effect my first wife had on a few people. this poem now resides also in my (bri edwards') PH A Showcase For PH Poets [May edition]. thanks for sharing it with my readers, Xelam. i especially enjoyed reading these lines, especially as they rhymed: ............ T.he anguish that never had quenched A fragrance that turned into a stinky stench, As she refused the gods to be wench................'stench' reminds me of my SECOND wife. :) :) :) Perhaps Perseus will do the same favor for us someday. bri :)
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Gul Rukhsar 08 January 2013
Great poem indeed! Liked it but never read about Medusa, first time to get to know about her, curious!
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Excellent and narrative of thoughts not much known to the poets like me. It is a work of great didactic value and has to be one of your best poems... All the best Mr John
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Payal Parande 07 December 2012
another brilliant poem from a brilliant poet.................
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Connor Whyte 07 December 2012
Simply A Medusa story very organized and easy to understand a great Greek poem.
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Shahzia Batool 07 December 2012
Mythical figures & episodes are not out-dated ones rather we find them closely connected to the modern life full of ordeals; i don't see any contrariness but perceive life as mythology itself, of course i don't mean any blasphemy, and i never will, but is not a common modern man an Odysseus? is not life today an odyssey? all the roman & greek classical versions of myth can be symbolically connected to our own life full of trials... for the first line, Suspend for a while your sense of query, i try to develop my poetic faith, in the words of Coleridge, to procure the willing suspension of disbelief for a moment, and enter this modern profile of the classical medusa...Good job of course, it was not easy.
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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 07 December 2012
Medusa who had serpents in place of hair was beautiful? U do bring d ancient greek mythology to life with yor fine narrative fable. Do tell me if my votes show.
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Bright Morn 07 December 2012
The same Great and gorgeous Gulsherian style, so nicely u described that fairy-cum-monster. A beautifully told tale and a fabulous flow of words, great write and pleasent to read, hats off to u John. Regads Bright Morn
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Vishal Sharma 05 December 2012
i am unable to understand the poem..sorry
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Tajudeen Shah 05 December 2012
Wonderful, dear GulJohn. Medusa is immortal. she might be gallivanting in some old rocky caverns of legendary Greece, or even clinging on a rough scaled viper, still counting the beads of ages for a real rebirth! No characters, whether mythological, or pure mortal, would ever move beyond the hard scribbled destiny! (I have read a similar fate in a hindu mythological character too, who had turned a boulder by curse, later when the feet of Lord Rama touched her, got cleared off the curse and turned a woman of immense charm; Ahalya her name! You, the blessed bard who has emancipated Medusa from the obnoxious clutches of mythology, sure will be chased to adorn her remaining mortal life! Of course, your verses if flow across her parents, Phorkys and Keto would sure to be proud of you as a nephew? (smile) . See, desire has always been a cause of misery in history! She wanted to gaze the sunny south, which caused her get stricken by the envy of the Goddess of Wisdom! See, history stands a solid witness, wisdom too has been envious! I am not in favor of Perseus at all as he has conquered the nation of those women; whether they devils or not; The Gorgons. He has all the curses of her sisters still lingering. I am sad at the story though, but your skill of deliberate twist to drive one stick to the versification is called Pure Art Form. Bravo! Some mechanics of wring to be minded, I request. At one part to sound the meter, one ‘a ‘is missing. Please consider; though they are not of much relevance. Great Read. Full of love and regards, dear GulJohn (good that i had it clipped!)
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