Misery Poem by Craig Mize


I lay awake at night trying to avoid sleep,
Terrified of the nightmares that invade my dreams.
Horrible pictures is steady replaying in my thoughts,
Making me to afraid to even close my eyes.
I could see if they were fictional pictures that I'm seeing,
But it isn't. The images is very much a part of my reality.
I still remember her lying there looking at me.
Her eyes are begging for help but, her mouth is refusing sound
As the tears run down her face blending in with the blood on her lip.
Her blouse ripped to shreds, breast clawed into by this animal.
Her womanhood is been taking away by this creature that I once loved.
I still see her fingernails clawing deeper and deeper into the sheets,
As his sweat drips on her once virgin skin.
Every stroke that he makes is taking a piece of her innocence away.
How could he do this to her, my best friend, my own sister, his own daughter.
Why aren't I moving trying to get him off of her, why is this fear controlling me?
Is it because I'm to afraid to get beat with his belt again,
Maybe I'm just glad it isn't me that he is doing it to this time.
It wasn't always like this, it got worse after momma die.
At first it was only me and her that he beat on molested,
But she left us, she overdosed on some sleeping pills to avoid his pain.
Leaving us behind for this monster to beat on and rape.
What a selfish act if I could say so myself. If it was me I would've killed us too!
I wish that he was dead, I wish that someone could hear our cry,
I wish that I could live without anymore misery, I wish

Craig Mize 11 December 2011

I'm glad that everybody likes and was moved by my poem but just to let you know the poem is based on fictional characters. It isn't about me or anyone I know but it is about all of the other kids out there that has been abused and molested

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Vipins Puthooran 09 December 2011

I'm feeling blue this night, , No, I cannot read this poem twice; ; ; But this poem, you penned it well! ! ! !

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Unwritten Soul 02 December 2011

Craig, i have to say my eyes flowing black tears for this write...This is the darkest story i ever read in PH, i know it nothing can heal you all of sudden from this bitter experience, it will always be a big scar and scary to look upon it.. I really anger toward the end of your last line..Maybe the poetry can make you relieve a lil for a while, release all pains but i know it wont rid them all out..Nice write, this is honest write i can feel, i think it's true..Craig, move to the best the part of life. Next we must stand when we need to act..Never let the animality evolve in human race..You will be a leader to vomit the strength and wash the lies...Keep it up my friend, nice poem you done it great_Unwritten Soul

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Chinwe Robert 30 November 2011

Much graphics, but there is something still missing, something to turn it from misery into a classic

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Shadow Girl 30 November 2011

I hear your cry.....heartfelt write...strong emotion can be released and somewhat lessened by poetry...good write...made me sad....but it was meant to...well done. -SG

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