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Mistaken For A Senior Citizen!

Ok, I normally keep my cool.
I rarely get THAT mad.
I wanted to knock her teeth out!
Oh yes, it was that bad!

I was innocently shopping.
Going about my day.
I was finished with the browsing
so I headed up to pay.

This nasty, mid-aged woman
looked me in the eye
and what she said made my mouth drop
and made me want to cry!

She asked if I ''get the discount''.
Of course I said ''I don't know,
how do you get this discount? ''
and then she said...''Oh, no.''

''Forget it, I'm sure you don't.''
I knew what she meant then...
this woman was asking me
if I was a... SENIOR CITIZEN! !

It takes alot to get me mad
and I never ever swear
but, let's just say I bit my tongue
as I left that day from there!

I told her she just ruined
what had been a decent day.
She gave a smirk and brushed me off
with little more to say.

Perhaps I don't look twenty...
this I will admit.
But, she was at least 60
and looked every day of it.

How rude to ask a woman
when she's only 34
if she's a senior citizen!
I won't shop there anymore! !

Sylvia Chidi 21 October 2005

I have to laugh. I found the whole thing hilarious. Why would she mistake you for a senior citizen. Well I enjoyed it whether its reality or fiction. Sylvia

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Uriah Hamilton 21 October 2005

Mary, you should do like me: when I buy beer, I bribe them in advance to ask for my ID.

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Raynette Eitel 21 October 2005

Mary, this poem made me recall my husband who, when he turned sixty, was thrilled to get the discount but glad they carded him. The first time no one asked to see proof of his age, he was bent clear out of shape. Being a senior citizen isn't too bad, but I can see you wouldn't want to be one when you're in your thirties. Cute poem.. Raynette

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Cj Heck 21 October 2005

Total Delight, Mary! I loved every word - well done! Warmest regards, CJ

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Brian Jani 14 June 2014

Mary what an amazing poem

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Brian Dorn 30 July 2006

Mary, based on your photo, you look more like a teenager. I'd say the cashier probably needed her eyes checked. But, clearly a great poem! ! Brian

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Wanda Swim Strunk 29 October 2005

I recently was in the Walmart and a woman yelled at me for ignoring her because she needed her question answered, she thought I worked there. So I informed her I didn't work there I was a shopper. Her response was to yell at me for being irritated with her because how was she suppose to know I was dressed like a manager. So there yo go, you can be too dressed up in Walmart. Some people are idiots and you know what? I would have taken the discount.

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Ernestine Northover 21 October 2005

Well Mary, from one senior citizen to 'another! ' you can cry on my shoulder, dear. Very nice explanatory poem, I loved it. Sincerely Ernestine

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Leigh Mia 21 October 2005

I really liked this poem, very humorous, just like life. Well done. -Leigh

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