Momma's Odyssey Poem by James B. Earley

Momma's Odyssey

Rating: 5.0

Within our home was all we needed
There was not a want for more
Once grown and on my own
...I realized then....that we were poor

She did not 'send' us off to church
......Instead....she led the way
Through the very life she lived
...She taught us pray

In retrospect...she must have suffered
...At abject pain
Although.....I'll never know for sure
Not once...did she complain

When God prepared that 'House Of Rest'
....I know....he saw....her face
This gentle soul...who's Heaven bound
.....If indeed.....there's....such a place

Author's note:

Dedicated to my mother.....Rosie Leola Earley...1903 - 2001.
...........Petite of figure...yet...a bastion of strength...whose very
life..was an odyssey..of faith. If there is indeed a heaven..she
will own a seat!

Lynda Robson 09 March 2009

A lovely dedication to your Mom, we do not realise the sacrifices our parents make for us, until we are older or parents ourselves, a very touching piece, made me well up and think of my Mother, 10 Lynda xx

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Tia Maria 09 March 2009

Oh how this angel must be rejoicing more than ever to know she taught her son well & the odyssey will live on in her children's children. 10/10 for an exceptional write.

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Sally Plumb 09 March 2009

I am a momma and I hope I gave my children peace.Nice to meet you. Regards Sally

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Bonnie Collins 08 March 2009

What a beutifull beautifull, tribute to your mother who was a fine mother at that... Very touching and warm... bonnie

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Estrella Baldemosa 08 March 2009

a lovely poem for your mom...i enjoy reading it.

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Shirley Hanley 03 January 2010

ahhhhh James...... so beautiful a tribute to your mother...... and so true. I too came up from poverty and due to the beauty of my grandmother Gracie's soul never felt poor. She taught me, through her actions, riches were present in ones soul and there for the taking. Like you, it wasn't until later in life that I realized just how poor we were back then and how hard it must have been on her. Thank you James for sharing this reminder of our roots, Shirley

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Indira Renganathan 06 September 2009

Wonderful is the poem...still more wonderful is your note...and the best of all is the most suitable wonderful title....thanks for this wonderful piece

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Shirley Woods 08 August 2009

Hi Jim, Thank you for being able to express so well what so many people feel about their mother. It is such a touching poem.

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Myrtle Thomas 09 March 2009

Dear James I was moved by your dedication poem.I hope my family would feel the same way.I love your writing, and hope that you read mine

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T S 09 March 2009

A wonderful image you have imprinted on us.... the readers mind. She sounds an amazing woman........ Being a mum myself we do as Parents make tremendous sacrifices which our children do not see. untill they too become Parents Lovely poem James .........10 plus....... Tracy

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