Moonflower Poem by Cigeng Zhang


Rating: 5.0

Your short bloom
Revived from last night’s gloom

Before the frosts come
I go out of my bedroom

In the morning hour
You are what I mostly want to hear

From your forbearing face
I read your hidden phrase

I may lower my body or bend down
But sure not to hurt your fragile chin

You open a tiny trumpet to sky
You spit out a sigh of relief – Ah, my light

Short of amazing beauty, yet to shine
Night is a long process into a shine

In worldly eyes you are something just feeble
But to me, you in subtle spirit even though small


Friday, October 23, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Kwai Chee Low 23 October 2015

A beautiful piece, and the title Moonflower takes my breath away; it is poetic and hints at romance at the same time. Thanks for sharing, Cigeng.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 October 2015

Blooming of this flower revives from gloom. Very amazing sharing definitely. Wise sharing...10

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Terry Craddock 21 January 2017

the desirability of a moonflower blooms into conscious being in the night under a canopy sky

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Edward Kofi Louis 28 July 2016

Last night's gloom! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Christopher Tye 25 July 2016

Wonderful poem, moonlight flowers have so much to give to those who witness them.

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Unwritten Soul 09 November 2015

I only have heard sunflower now we got moonflower, and the moonflower poetry is really amusing like a center of night blooming its serenade here..very nice Zhang!

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Daniel Brick 08 November 2015

The word MOONFLOWER has a musical quality, just saying feels like spoken music. So I was cp, pletely ready to accept and join in your praise of it. It has many positive associations. It is a light in the night darkness, Its beauty os of thr quiet sort, you call it subtle but it is no less impressive for being plain and small. In fact, in this loud and boisterous world both here and in China the moonflower affirms the value of subtlety.

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