Motion Of An Ocean Poem by Ernestine Northover

Motion Of An Ocean

Rating: 5.0

Broad sweep of branches, how they dip and swirl.
Contrasting trees, in unison they whirl.
Waves passing through these naked stalwart boughs,
The gale with all its wiles, fair sighs and soughs.

Turbulent sea, the air plying its trade.
Invisible source, always on parade.
Invading, rushing, over and between,
Driving itself, no one can intervene.

It’s just amazing this impressive sight,
Like motion of an ocean, air in flight.
Zephyrs moving fast, buffeting free,
An action viewed with awe, fait accompli.

© Ernestine Northover

Andrew Blakemore 18 September 2008

A lovely title and an equally captivating poem. Love, Andrew x

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Chuck Audette 08 February 2008

an apt comparison, and a lovely image to nourish us during this barren section of winter. - chuck

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Danny Reynolds 27 January 2008

Lovely comparison, Ernestine. The currents of creativity are certainly flowing through your pen. Danny

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Duncan Wyllie 27 January 2008

I could see what you were saying, and I enjoyed what I saw You're a marvel on this site Ernestine Love duncan X

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David Taylor 27 January 2008

The rhythm of the words moved in mind like the wind. Enjoyed the feeling of your poetry Ernestine Many thanks David

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