Mr. Imperfect Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph

Mr. Imperfect

Dear Mr. imperfect,

You mean the world to me, even if the world cannot see, but you and I were meant to be, where I fall, you stand, and when you call I lend a hand. You have what they call flaws, but that’s their loss, it makes me love u even more, you take me way above. I think of you and smile, I hope this love boat never sink but sail for many miles. You bring me tears of joy, and I pray for many more years with you boy. I don’t care what anyone has to say but we will have our day, when in your arms I’ll find refuge, away from all harm. How I love to look in you beautiful eyes, and know that you are all mine. Your sweet voice turns me on, it makes me so weak. Running my fingers through your hair, there is nothing we cannot share. I give you my all, even when you no longer can ball, big house, nice cars, won’t get us far. Loving you is all I wanna do, as you read this love letter, please know that all this is true. You’re the only one I want boo

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