Loving Me Poem by Sophonie Asia Joseph

Loving Me

Rating: 4.8

The mirror tells no lies

Find happiness in a mans eyes

My pillow can't hold any more of my cries

You break me

Every confidence within me dies.

Why can't you try?

Don’t look at me

And tell me those lies

No I’m not a size 2 or even 12

But just love me

And what inside my head

Not just dine then take to bed

Was not my fault all these years that I’ve been fed

One day I will be a little dolly

Than maybe than you can look at my body.

**1st time writer please comment**

, aryaindia 17 August 2008

Some desperation at physical incompetance it seems. But not to be bogged down by such feelings., You must go past all these ideas and grow bigger spiritually. best wishes, arya

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Kesav Easwaran 19 August 2008

a write on love immature...but that is only one thing...what is important is, you have the stuff in you to speak out poetic what you feel...good poem, Sophonie…i give you ten

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Keith Hendrickson 06 January 2009

deep thoughts. very truhful writting. i liked it a lot

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Agnes Abraham 05 January 2009

this is def a sensitive topic and ur real brave to confront it i really like the beginning of the poem

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Tyrone Wingfield 10 October 2008

a extremely deep poem, so much truth to it too. Its a real shame that people cannot get past outwardly appearances to get to know the beautiful person within

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Bonnie Collins 09 October 2008

A very good write on a very sensitive topic that can pretain to any given era, I am afraid.... Love the person within, not the person withhout...... Bonnie

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Kholekile Monakali 24 August 2008

If you ask me that is cool, it reflects to different angles of love I like it keep it up.

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