'My Bad' Poem by Bernard Snyder

'My Bad'

Rating: 3.1

I'm saddened and totally confused
not knowing where she's gone,
my days have all been cloud-filled
my nights hasn't been as warm,
hopefully she's somewhere safe
enjoying life and doing just fine
I hope she understands that I miss her
and I think of her all the time,
unfortunately, I don't think I will ever see her again
the thought alone is awfully sad,
but I may as well be realistic
and just cherish the times we've had
if by chance I get lucky enough
to once again cross her path
I would tell her, she was the ideal mate
I just didn't realize what I had.

Romeo Della Valle 20 October 2011

A sad but heart touching write that clearly shows your great love and concern for your now gone sweetheart! I identify with this well penned and brilliant write, since I have been through this painful situation many times as you can see in many of my poems: In Pursuit of Happiness, A broken Heart etc.etc. This great write of yours deserves 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with more writes of such magnitude! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from NYC....

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Jinal Oswal 18 October 2011

Sometimes we are lost in our world that we hardly notice what we have.. A good write :) Never lose hopes... You never know what God has planned for you

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Unwritten Soul 16 October 2011

Oh when i end this read i feel like my hope burst and swiped by wind.......but dear Bernard, now you realized what you had had was something special...and i can say when you remembering someone, you connecting your mind at same time...Do you know where the best place you had together? ? could be a way how to trace the shadow...Why you should stop hoping...surrender will keep you cold..Open your eyes, the past just leave you..now it's no use to regret, so dont regret but look forward for better days...may you will find a new one and you will never meet if you just stand and hope...chase and find it Bernard....i am sure the door is open just waiting you to enter...Future is never leave you alone...run for your smile, chase it_Unwritten Soul

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