My Child Poem by Mike Barrett

My Child

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There was a time
Or there will be
When love will come
Your way -
And you’ll not know
Just what to do
Or how you should behave.

There was a time
Or there will be
When love will stir
Your heart -
When you'll
Reach out
And take the one
That brought that joy
To you.

But there are risks,
As with all things,
That time will turn the tide
And what thought love
Will die the death
And you'll be hurt inside.

In knowing this
Before you start
You'll have a better chance
To linger long in love's embrace
And love it while it lasts.

If it should die
As time goes by
Don't languish in the past -
We grow at different rates my child
And first loves rarely last -
Our first love rarely lasts!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

This poem was written late 2002, early 2003. It was written one night after my daughter came home in tears (yet again) after having had a disagreement with her boyfriend. It in fact it came to me with music but not having learned how to write music, the melody has long since slipped away. Perhaps some creative Soul out there could help me out with this...could be to our mutual advantage! Ciao!
Oladehinde J Ibikunle 29 August 2014

True! First love is not always the right one. hence, last for a while.

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Oladehinde J Ibikunle 29 August 2014

True! First love is not always the right one. hence, last for a while.

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Mike Barrett 24 July 2014

Hi David, I'm happy to learn you could relate to the truths touched upon in the poem...I gave an insight as to why the poem was written in the 'poet's notes' above. I'll check to see if you have some poems on this site and if yes, I'll review a few and comment thereon. Cheers!

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Bri Edwards 22 January 2018

i'll include part of the Poet's Note also in showcase. thanks. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 22 January 2018

(i don't return to look for responses to my comments, but i noticed it when i was going to tell you i'd use My Child and you could let me know if it was NOT alright! i hope your daughter is settled with a good 'love-interest' now. i'd guess she is NOT quite young (looking at your PH photo) . but maybe you are like my about -70-yrs.-old friend who just fathered a new baby last year? ! bri :)

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Mike Barrett 23 January 2018

Our daughter, Cheryl, is now in her late 40's and is the mother of our beautiful granddaughter, Alexandra soon to be 7. Both bring us much joy. As for new babies in our life, fine so long as they are someone else's. Cheers! PS: I'll be 75 later this year.

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Bri Edwards 28 December 2017

i await your answer. January showcase is already started, with at least three poems in it so far. thanks bri :)

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Bri Edwards 24 December 2017

i think my 'first love' was when i was about 6 years old, but i didn't tell the girl until about 11 years later as we were graduating from high school. now she is divorced and i've been divorced three times. she i think is by herself and i am with my fourth (and best..........OF COURSE) wife! a lovely and intelligent poem. to MyPoemList. i'm in a hurry or i would write and read more. are there any you would particularly like to share? poems, not loves! bri :)

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Allotey Abossey 21 June 2015

Well well well... I love the wit in your writing. God bless you

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Mike Barrett 21 June 2015

Hi Allotey, thanks for your kind words. Today being Father's Day, re-reading these words brought be back to the time when I wrote this daughter and her boyfriend are still together and they had a beautiful daughter, our grand-daughter. Love works in weird and wonderful ways!

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Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett

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