Words From The Eternal Master Poem by Mike Barrett

Words From The Eternal Master

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Beingness IS.
Love IS.
All that is IS.
All that ever was IS.
All that ever will be IS.

Love IS.
Here IS.
Now IS.

Life is the experience of love,
No matter on what plane,
No matter in what dimension,
No matter what!

Beingness is lovingness.
All experience love
In beingness.

That which is beyond
Cherishes lovingness.

Cherish these words -
They are love.

May the blessings just be!

Love to all!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

This poem came to me about 18 years ago. It came following a spiritual 'Hu' contemplation. HU is an ancient name for God. (If interested, go to the 'Eckankar.org' site where you can learn more - even listen to a 'Hu' video clip. Quite uplifting for some.
Doug Bentley 27 December 2013

An encounter with ISness, the THAT - timely reminder to BE at this annual time of orgy in materialism and commercialism. Thank you Mike!

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Mike Barrett 27 December 2013

Hi Doug, thanks for your comment! I'm delighted that you've grasped the essence of these words...not every reader does, but that's OK, each Soul is where it is in Its eternal unfoldment. That's the beauty of life, of consciousness. In my life I've been told more than once that I sometimes come across as being preachy. That's cool because that's how those Souls have experienced my words. I see myself more of a channel for the poems. Sometimes I write with my head, other times with my heart, but most often I do spiritual contemplations and the poems flow through me complete as they are.....the trick is to keep the head and the ego off to the side and simply share the gift. God is great. God is good. And more importantly, God is love. Once again, thanks!

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Valsa George 31 December 2013

Life is the experience of love, No matter on what plane, No matter in what dimension, No matter what! If crystallised in a few words... Beingness is lovingness! ! A very profound philosophy summarized in a beautiful poem! Have a wonderful New Year, sir! !

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Mike Barrett 31 December 2013

Hi Valsa, I'm delighted that you enjoyed the read, as I noted in the Poet's Notes above, there I times I do contemplations and the poems are given to me to share with others. Now since retired and having the time, I'm working on the sharing. I want you to know I really more than appreciate you poems....you are gifted and in addition, you are both caring and sharing. Best wishes in the coming New Year! Mike B.

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Hazel Durham 01 January 2014

Beautiful and uplifting write Mike with such truth in your words, love is God in our lives with his strength we can be happy! Happy New Year Mike!

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Mike Barrett 29 June 2014

Hi Heather, thanks for your input, much appreciated! I've not been too active in this site this year, but somewhere down the road I'll be back. Other priorities presently consume my attention. Cheers!

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Heather Wilkins 28 June 2014

life is love and love is life. without love there is no life excellent thoughts

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Mike Barrett 08 January 2014

Hi Rubab, thanks for your input. I'm please that this poem touched your higher self. I find life an amazing voyage.....we all have so much to learn and share with each other. Cheers!

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Rubab Atwal 08 January 2014

a beautiful and a very uplifting poem...enjoyed it..

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Mike Barrett 05 January 2014

Unwritten Soul, thanks for your input, I see us as kindred Spirit, kindred soul. Cheers and best wishes throughout 2014. Cheers!

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Mike Barrett

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