My Dear Sister Poem by Chocolate Bunny

My Dear Sister

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I dedicate this poem to my sister. who I love so much.

My Dear Sister

You may fall but I have your back
You may forget, but your schedule I have on track
You may forget me, but I won’t you
You may not remember what to do
But in this fight we’ll walk side by side
But whenever you need I’ll give you a ride

My Dear Sister

Do not fret
I’ll be the very best friend you’ve ever met
My dear sister when you are in need
The very words you say I will take heed

My Dear Sister

I love you so much
When your spirit wounded my shoulder is you crutch

Stephanie Saba 31 December 2008

I have sisters as well, so this poem was specially lovely.: ] keep writing, and God Bless.: ]

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Aiswarya. T.anish 25 December 2008

Good poem expressing the love for sisters. I love it.

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Mary Murphy 18 November 2008

I have six sisters and can greatly relate, I wrote one simmilar to this for my twin sister - called 'Twins' you should read it! Great job! I love your writting! I agree you must continue! -God Bless!

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angel unknown 07 November 2008

tht is very good.keep writtin

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