My First Love Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

My First Love

Rating: 4.5

i'm walking up mountain high
the road is narrow, the streets are high
oft love dwelling not so nigh
in the utmost dark yet clear sight for mine eye

for who wanna tell me that I'm wrong?
made a mistake of myriads throng
gonna uphill still to this dwelling
my hands loose, my mind praying
attitude straight ahead but body swaying

i'm walking up mountain high
to my first love, not so nigh
many thorns and tricks on my way
must meet my first love again now
who's gonna say i'm trespassing somehow?

He is very caring and sympathetic
very very loving and energetic
he has a deep and powerful voice like thunder
are you sure, you're not blaming me with some other?
greatest regret that I had broken
since then i gave no symbol nor token

haven't reached his house so far
He is super strong not too tar
he can show wonders in myriad things
but he keeps oft-quiet never boasting

while thinking of Him, the road is still long and dusty
yes, 'm gonna meet my first love, being quite rusky
had broken with him, to my disaster
felt so odd all the time, like that piaster

now wanna shock him a very lot
my relationship with him, oft cool
but this time I long so much for him, now I keep it very hot
he is so mighty so powerful
wanna meet him again now on this spot

the road has ended, the street has its stop
oh, my first love, that says a very lot....
oh, i can't keep it quiet anymore now
i will tell you, I'll shout out loud
and make the deepest bow

he is so handsome, loving and all you know
wanna go back to him, my beautiful first lover,
he sits oft on this green clover
no one recognizes him, only mine eyes
and on this spot….
yeah what's called wise
I'll tell you, dear, yes on this spot
his name is oh so cute and wonderful,
be easy, I'm whispering His Name is….God….

My First Love
Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: first love,god,heaven
Oftentimes, we leave our first love and never come back, but in some occasions, we want eagerly return to him again, would he accept us, after being unloyal to him? Please, read this unique story and you will know that....Thank you that you have left a comment or will leave one. People say that poems can heal....and IF I may tell you, this poem has greatest meaning to me, it has healed my soul, body and heart. It has healed my all. God knows that I have spoken the truth here. As a lesson learned, this poem teaches us that we always may change our intentions for a better course, to a better aim. God consents as long as we would change our direction to the best aim in the glory of His Love for us.
Bhargabi Dei Mahakul 15 May 2017

Walking in narrow road but in high streets expresses nice courage. This is love that allows to come up and up with positive ambition. At dark sight eyes still feel clear light. The road has ended. The street has its stop. First love has given many more experiences in life. You tell this with deepest bow with eagerness and feelings. You have recognized his name and he has recognized you. His name is God our beautiful lovely father of Heaven. Getting him near in mind is nice and feeling him is fortune. An excellent poem you have shared that brings deep emotion and love for God. Rating 10 for this.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 September 2017

Thank you so much, Mrs. Bhargabi, for your wonderful feedback. I appreciate utmost your words and the vote rating 10. Thank you so much from the core of my being.God's Blessings in Abundance

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Jazib Kamalvi 04 May 2017

First impression is the last impression. Thanks

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You're most welcome and Thank you for your review..

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