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My Future (C) 12-5-09 - Poem by Corey Threet

I feel the same way I felt twenty years ago nonexistent
Keep my eyes stained on the grave but I know they resistant
To the darkness that overshadows the light its too bright
I’d rather see the sun in eve of the night
In the story books I was intoxicated off what I didn’t plan to see
But now I’m on my ninth cloud could this be my final fantasy
It would be a pretty stupid dream though I know they don’t last forever
Togetherness will only result from people comin together
If I could pour out of my heart all the anger inside
The fumes and poisonin would be the reason everyone died
My family fightin each other on what’s supposed to be Thanksgiving
It seems like everyone lost their mind now that Virginia aint livin
My biological looks higher at a sparrow than his own child
The way life goes around can really make a nigga go wild
I’m reachin out for a hug but the air sits in between my arms
Now who would wish for a life like that
I can’t choose if I love her or not but the other one is steadily around
And while walking with her I’m awed by a beauty I love, my head remains down
Don’t tell me to go cause if I had the slightest belief in hell I’d take the invitation
Because there’s no way life can get anymore malicious than this hell seems to be a vacation
My only hope is a paradise and that’s growing slim with all my hypocritical ways
It seems there’ll never be a time that I’m filled with a flurry of spiritual days
My name erased from the book of life what am I to do
When I have a million bad examples but righteous ones are few
Double crossers unfaithful heartless despicable fools
Try to bring me down to my knees and lie against what is true
How long can I keep up with this it seems like I can’t take this anymore
I guess I’ll just have to see what my future has in store.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 5, 2009

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