My Most Loved Mum.... Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

My Most Loved Mum....

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This is the SAME POEM as "Most Loving, Most Loved, My Loved Mum"....
Please, have a read, thank you.

Thinking about the past
I will add the present now
the answer is oft tomorrow
with the most painful sorrows

not to mend or bend
it´s an overcrowded box with loads
when her eyes are just ailing,
she cannot keep smiling
she cannot write all the while

even walking with her mobile
is already disturbing
i really have to deal with this lady
i have never put her in the same row as another deity
as the others do in their intense insanity

i promised her twice every day to pray
she is cute, sweetest and worldly wise
but never sophisticated
as my most beloved Mama....

only with this small difference
my beloved mother has a blissful appearance
and a lot of tolerance and forbearance
my most beloved mother has constantly done her duties
as my constituency, she is the largest mental shelter
of all sorts of shortcomings and ailments
complete texts from the Bible or in fragments

she has constantly sent to me huge post,
all times with cum laude, God´s Love as The most
yes, sir, she stands tallest and more
she presents the Words of our dear Lord con amore (with love)

one thing i regret most
and that i would like to reveal
i still hope that i will stay in the constant appeal
with her rock-proof Exemplary power as such
as my most beloved mother
as my most diligent psychotherapist
of my necessary mental treasure
that has given me the most devoted pleasure....

Thinking about the earliest past
the present has been added at last
the answer is already visible
most painful worries, entirely gone
this is the greatest Miracle, invaluable....

Pipi, while walking with Sylvie on this emotional path to the day that
Jesus will ascend to heaven a.s. May 10...1985 years ago,33 years young....
MyNOTE: Mum died three days after Easter some years ago
I owe you all the next other Great Miracles, thank you.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Dutch poet,
cartoonist, designer
art painter
world traveler

My Most Loved Mum....
Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: god,ode to my mother,prayer,tribute
My most valuable gathered knowledge about the Holy Scriptures,
The Bible, Jesus as the Father, as The Only Son and
as The Holy Spirit, I have never finished reading the Bible,

since for mankind that is too many thoughts in an emotive way
and logical way.

Believe as a child so mild and have faith in our Lord the AlMighty,
know that He died on the cross on Golgotha 1985 years ago
when He was 33 years young.....2018 years ago born in Bethlehem, most humble, most simple, but covered with divine love as the Only Son
of Mary when she was still a virgin. He was born without Joseph as her spouse....

Created and written for Poemhunter. com and that means for everyone
worldwide in general, and for the poetry lovers in particular,
done with love and much care, gratefully, Sylvia.

Theological way of thinking, my own thoughts about my beloved late
Mum, me as her humble and most loving daughter,
shy in her outings orally,
but wealthiest in her writings with pen and ink,
these words in all her verses
are the main gate to her deeper senses
her deepest inside
her shyness shall hide deep inside
but her talents and gift will provide
the most secretive, emotive and most lucidity
of her existence in this life on this forsaken earth

written with a caring and loving heart toward my loved Mum
toward her belief in The AlMighty God, toward her whole existence
when she was not yet "My Dearest Late Mum...."

created and thought with love for Poetry,
her beloved daughter,


AD. Tuesday the 10th of April 2018
@ 15.55 hrs. P.M. West-European Time.

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Dutch poetess,
cartoonist, designer
art painter
photographer and
world traveler
Sylvia Frances Chan 09 January 2020

Thank you so much for your viait, comments, compliments and reading my poem as it should be. They are a precious treasure for me. As soonest as time allows me, I will read your work Celebrity and Me. Thank you for your invitation to read your poem, poetess. God's Blessings for you and your beloved family.

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Queeny Gona 08 January 2020

Gratitude to beloved mum is well potrayed in these lines of yours ma'am. I could feel your emotions and the love you have towards your mom. I am sure, you would adore my work ''' Celebrity and Me"

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Kumarmani Mahakul 11 April 2018

Present is added amazingly bearing sorrows in heart with the past. Every memory floats in mind through emotion. Promise is given to mum for praying twice each day. Most loved mother is the most diligent mental provider and great supporter of life. She is in affection and memory. You are her nice beloved daughter. This poem is a great tribute to your mother....10

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 January 2020

Thank you so much dear Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir. Happiest to see you visiting my poem site here. Your precious compliments and valuable comments I most appreciated and thank you for the 10. Your feedback is of tremendous treasure. God's Blessings be Greatest for you, Sir!

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