My Selfie Poem by Yasmin Khan

My Selfie

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My Selfie

I write my selfie in quite truthful words
I think taking it only with a cam is absurd
As it captures only our outwardness
And is not concerned with inner sweetness

I'm a sensitive soul and pick vibes in a flash
I like candidness but avoid being a brash
To the utmost I love honesty and integrity
I hold no grudges, forget and forgive readily

Love and care of my dear ones is akin to jewels
I value it most and remain calm and cool
I believe in inner beauty that shines through the eyes
Straightforwardness impresses me, I hate guise

I'm a patriot and love my country sincerely
Friends are my asset, a buttress, a fence to me
I follow customs embedded in ethos and honesty
Bound by the bond of love yet like to act freely

Nature and poetry enchant and fascinate me
Putting me in a trance, transfer me wholly
Books are my haven, my collection is my treasury
Faith and prayers support me in all misery

Hence, it's a glimpse, a peep into myself briefly
‘Cause it's hard to portray a personage completely
As human hearts are far deeper than the sea
But at least more genuine than a photo selfie

Yasmin 😎🙂
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My Selfie
Thursday, July 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
Shahzia Batool 03 July 2015

The title adds a touch of currency to the poem, what used to be taken as a pen-portrait has become selfie, being the android term. Strong and meaningful rhymes, and a well-knit composition...After reading this, the expression comes from the heart is Nice to meet you, Yasmeen. Good job! :)

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Yasmin Khan 04 July 2015

Thanks dear Shahzia, for nice words.

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Yasmin 13 August 2018

Kind thanks M. Nehal Asim After a long time I return to PH. Your words are encouraging.

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M Asim Nehal 12 October 2015

The depth of selfie in your poem is evident from each verses...........I liked whole stanza: Nature and poetry enchant and fascinate me.............10

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David Wood 17 August 2015

Hi Yasmeen, long time no see, after two years I've started writing again. I love your poem, a selfie in words is much better than a photo

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Yasmin 13 August 2018

Thanks David Wood, I feel sorry for being away from PH for a long time.

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Akhtar Jawad 08 August 2015

After a long time a poem by a great poetess having amazing style, inspiring thoughts and enchanting description with a picture that not only further describes her thought but adds beauty to this beautiful poetry. From my side it's poem of the day.............................10

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Yasmin 13 August 2018

Aw! You made my day by making such nice comments.

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Valsa George 07 July 2015

Enjoyed this selfie of yours costructed in words! I wonder if this is my own selfie! Yasmeen, in many things I feel we are alike! Looking into a person's inside is quite interesting! You have done a great job!

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Yasmin 13 August 2018

All poets are almost alike. I feel happy that you liked it.

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